10,000 milk cartons descend on Starfield's biggest city in newest physics benchmark (

Starfield players continue to push the game—and their computers–to the limit by spawning thousands of items in inappropriate places, like stuffing 20,000 potatoes in a spaceship. Watching potatoes roll out of an air lock is great, but what if you could watch 10,000 milk cartons descend onto a population zone like a lactic...

Microsoft to Drop Support for Third-Party Printer Drivers on Windows (

“With the release of Windows 10 21H2, Windows offers inbox support for Mopria compliant printer devices over network and USB interfaces via the Microsoft IPP Class Driver. This removes the need for print device manufacturers to provide their own installers, drivers, utilities, and so on. Device experience customization is now...

Consumer Nintendo Switch 2 rumored to have more RAM than the Xbox Series S (

A new Nintendo Switch 2 rumor has surfaced claiming that the next-generation hybrid console could actually arrive with more memory than a powerful rival like the Microsoft Xbox Series S. The same source has also offered an update in regard to the Switch 2’s potential DLSS support and ray-tracing capabilities.

Fortnite creative boss Donald Mustard retires (

Donald Mustard may not be the most well-known name in gaming, but he's definitely one of the most influential. For the past seven years he's been the chief creative officer at Epic Games and "Loremaster of Fortnite"—the big hand on the wheel of one of the biggest videogame phenomena of all time. But soon that era will come to...

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