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Why is the image always not loading for me on this sublemmy, is this nsfw or like an instance only thing?


it’s not nsfw, possibly a federation issue. you might try reaching out to your instance admins?

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Ill ask


She only emitted the CO2 equivalent of a small African country to get there.


hot take, unless you start having the same energy when any other billionaire gets brought up your rhetoric is simple posturing and not actually making positive progression towards change.

it’s embarrassing how easy it is to ragebait yall by just posting one woman’s face.

arymandias, (edited )

If you scroll trough my comment history you’ll see what I think of Bill Gates :)

And I’m not rage bated, I just find Taylor Swift the ecocidal maniac memes very funny.


good on you for being built different 🙌💗 many other cases who have a very narrow perception of the situation and it blows


Lol you got rage baited


Sauce ?



mosiacmango, (edited )

Chuds when they see a happy women having a good time watching her partner succeed:

“Shes literally the worst person ever.”

Keep chudding, chudders.


This is true but Taylor swift still sucks as a person, I like her music tho


Out of genuine curiosity, why do you say that?


From her shitty stanbase of swifties to her tendency to being a stereotypical billionaire shithole manipulating people to upkeep her image she hasn’t earned any respect from me

Edit: and apart from that she just has a petty and boring personality and doesn’t deserve as much attention as she gets


failed to avoid the chud allegations


Thorough analasys of your account shows neither do you



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