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Cringe. This is cringe. There’s no other word for it. It’s embarrassing.


Fundamentally incurious.


This is the same guy that didn’t understand the crazy obvious nazi party references in The Wall.

It is honestly mind blowing to me that this guy has any following after that.

It’s a fucking trip.


Here are some products that say “I don’t care for the commercial spectacle that is the super bowl.”


His bald head and the bright baby blue wall makes him look like a PNG.


Oh, Dragon’s Milk is beer. How disappointing.

alexiascylding, avatar

no dragon mommy milkers 😔


No dragon mommy milkers, no dragon excessive_cum, is life even worth living?


Me when the ajin dragon animation


I’m curious now

exactly how overrepresented are e621 users in this community


There are dozens of us. Dozens!

I don’t know how many folks in this community use e6, but I’d assume more than in most other communities. This is a very queer community, and a lot of furries are queer, so there’s probably quite the overlap.

EtherWhack, avatar

Hey, they make good stouts. I didn’t know they had an oatmeal one, though. I’ll have to search for it.


They do special beers every year. We didn’t get the oatmeal cookie in our area unfortunately. They did a raspberry hibiscus a couple years ago that was awesome.


I really can’t grasp how much online talent today started on Channel Awesome/thatguywiththeglasses compared to what a living joke Doug Walker was and continues to be.

alexiascylding, avatar

i havent watched him in like 8 years but used to be a big fan of his and the rest of the gang that was on channel awesome that left after the horrible managment came to light. these days doug just seems like a walking meme, he still has a following but i think most people just moved on


Same. This video is a great watch exploring the guy a bit.

queue, avatar

Oh fuck, that’s real. I thought this was some good shitpost. Nope. Just a shit post from Doug.


Distrotube is that you??

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