skylestia, avatar

aw he actually loves batman

MrJameGumb, avatar

Why did you trick me into downloading a file??? I don’t want to download anything! Now I have to find it and get rid of it…

Binzy_Boi avatar

I didn't? I'm on a Kbin instance, does it not embed on Lemmy?

MrJameGumb, avatar

No, it just immediately downloaded a file straight to my phone

Binzy_Boi avatar

Oof, I'm sorry. It's just a video of a convo between the Batman and the Joker. You should be able to find the file if you search "Snapinsta.app_video"


That must be a bug in your client. It embeds properly in the lemmy web frontend.

MrJameGumb, avatar

Maybe it’s because I’m on mobile? It did the same thing in Jerboa and Boost


I’m on mobile using voyager, didnt have to download anything


Does the same thing in-browser(FireFox), both on mobile view and Desktop Mode

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