The Problem with Linus Tech Tips: Accuracy, Ethics, & Responsibility

This video is not monetized. This video covers our serious concerns regarding the data accuracy of Linus Media Group, including Linus Tech Tips, ShortCircuit, and TechQuickie, particularly as it relates to rushing content out the door to favor -- by staff's own admission -- quantity over quality. As the company continues to expand into its LTT Labs direction, the importance of accurate data increases; however, even as 'only' entertainment, there are still certain responsibilities to the consumer and the manufacturers to report fairly (and to have defined corrections processes in place). We tried to approach this as objectively as possible and hope that viewers are able to listen to the evidence we present, particularly as it relates to significant and frequent data errors that now present in nearly every technical review video.

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LTT has been an entertainment channel with a drop of info for a while now, their content is pretty much only suitable as background filler while eating food. Their thumbnails and titles are also unusable without extensions to decipher them (shoutout to DeArrow from Ajay Ramachandran). For the actual good tech info you to go Hardware Unboxed or the very creator of this video.


I’m pretty excited about LTT’s new power supply test lab. Not many content creators can afford such a setup

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Watch the video and then decide if you are still excited about it. The one video when they announced the power supply test lab is one of the many ones called out for misinformation in this very video. With their standard of information being what is it, no data they provide should be used for any serious purchase decisions.

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Can I get a TL;DR so I don’t have to watch a video when explaining this type of thing in words is much more helpful IMHO.

Edit - Also would help to have at least a mention of who created the video and their credentials to be the authority on what LTT is doing wrong. The current thumbnail reminds me of a tabloid and is a 0% click though chance.

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It's full of video quotes, you're not actually allergic to him.


I haven't enjoyed their main channel content for ever. Every once in a while if I'm interested in a product and have exhausted all other decently sized tech channels, I may watch their coverage but I've likely already made my mind up on the thing. I don't and wouldn't trust them for GPU, CPU or case reviews. I do generally like listening to the WAN Show, but Linus is sticking his foot in his mouth an awful lot these days. I like his vision for the lab, and I like what he ultimately wants to build with it, but I really worry they're going too fast and going to bake in a lot of problems that will haunt the platform for ever, assuming it even gets off the ground. I was already worried but this video made me even less optimistic. I only knew about some of these oversights, the extent is pretty startling.

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HWUB, GN, Level1Techs and KitGuru are my serious outlets of choice.

If I want little more than entertainment, LTT, Dawid does Tech, Lowcastle Tech fill that gap.

Also a shout out to Chris Barnett Explaining Computers as I love his content.


TIL about DeArrow, thanks!

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First time hearing about DeArrow. Going to check that out.

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DeArrow has been a fucking godsend. What a top shelf extension.


Jesus Christ. I don’t watch tech YouTube anymore, I just come back when I need to buy a pc part or something. Back when I did, Linus seemed like a guy with integrity, I guess I was wrong.

It first started with buying stock or w/e in that laptop company and stating that he personally won’t review their or anyone else’s laptops. But it didn’t matter, even back then. You and your wife are sole owners of media outlet that would review those laptops. You gotta pull out of that part or not invest.

And now all of the things Steve said. Cross brand promotions, not giving a fuck about their tests accuracy, constant errors.
But to me the most egregious thing is always Linus reaction. Condescending, hostile, with superiority starting with “uh, eh guuuuuuuyyyys, I can’t….” When he thinks of any arguments followed by doubling down either by “I’m experienced” or “it costs ME money to be accurate”. Like, bitch I don’t give a fuck, it’s your job to give accurate, trustworthy information. And Luke just sits there like a Linuses bitch he is.

And the waterblock cooler example is so infuriating. He tested a prototype, on a card that the makers said they don’t know if it would work, and shat on it. Would he use i don’t care know, cooler made for am4 board on intel whatever their socket name is? (One that doesn’t have adapters or something)

He either was always like that but didn’t have enough clout to act like it or money really changes a man. Guy is no longer the “buddy fellow tech nerd guy” he still would like ppl to see him as. But his fanboys won’t see the truth and it will always stay like this


Great video, thanks!

Hope LTT and Linus learn from this and start to make changes!

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