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Anyone else having characters not moving their lips during dialog?

Basically title. I decided to start a new honor mode run after the update the other day (haven’t played in a few months) and getting a bug in which character’s face animations don’t work during dialog. Lips don’t move, expressions don’t change. A little googling didn’t turn up any similar reported bugs except for a...

Blade barrier is fucking amazing!

We just got ambushed in a courtyard by about 15 enemies standing on a walkway above us, with no immediately obvious way for us to get up there. We were sitting ducks. So Shadowheart cast blade barrier across the entire walkway. In addition to doing a lot of damage every turn, it imposes difficult terrain. All of the enemies...

Lore-friendly playstyle/itemization for Shadowheart? (Acts 1 & 2)

The Shar-worshipping crazy goth chick is a great character concept. Trouble is, the game seems to throw a lot of great light-related cleric spells and equipment at us, and all the alternatives seem to be bad. From an RP point of view, Shadowheart obviously shouldn’t be wielding a light-emitting mace, wearing radiance armor,...

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