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Astarion can't talk to Raphael?

In my first playthrough he was able to talk to Raphael outside of the Gauntlet of Shar. This time Raphael just left without ever giving Astarion a chance to ask any questions. So, I reloaded a save, did the whole House of Healing fight again, made sure to have Astarion selected when we approached the Gauntlet, and it auto...

Assassin is actually amazing!

I hadn’t tried it in 2 different playthroughs because it’s rated really low online. But since I’ve used the other builds already, I figured I’d give it a go for Astarion in this new playthrough. He has an item that makes him invisible for two turns whenever he kills someone, which basically makes him a one man killing...

Just found my new favourite combo using the illithid powers

So Half-illithid warlock Tav + storm cleric Shadowheart + Minthara hits like a truck apparently. Everyone has initiative bonuses, so first turn Minthara hastes Tav, Tav casts black hole to cluster all enemies together, then Hunger of Hadar’s them, Shadowheart then calls an upcasted Call Lightning with divine strike and...

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