That’s clearly gandalf the Gray


I mean what would you tell an ex that summoned an orb that wanted to eat you (not in the sexy way)?

Gale did the equivalent of a Chernobyl meltdown in his lab. Except instead of a nuclear meltdown it’s a bomb that feeds on magic and will EAT Mystra if given an opportunity.

Dude fucked up. Big time. And a pretty big portion of him died with the bond, he isn’t really a Wizard anymore, that got eaten. His magic is the leftover remnants after the orb ate him.


And not to forget, Mystra is literally letting the orb nibble on her to keep Gale from going off too soon.

Stamets, avatar

You say that like Gale actively planned to try and kill Mystra. He was trying to give her back a piece of something that he thought was part of her. Meanwhile she was such a fool she couldn’t see that this mortal was pining to do something for her. Instead of saying it was dangerous she just kept saying “Nah babe, I don’t need anything, I’m good.”

So I’m not sure saying “Here. Kill yourself.” REMOTELY fits the ‘crime’ of making a mistake in trying to display admiration for your aloof idiot girlfriend who is supposedly a God but too blind to see what is right in front of her.


Gandalf is in BG3? Dang! Now I’m really sad that I never found Gale. I’m about to finish the game, so it’s definitely too late to go back and find him.

Nepenthe, avatar

The thing about it is, his isn't even the most uninteresting storyline. His whole and only deal is literally "guy who can't get over his abusive ex" and it's still more riveting than whatever they did to Wyll.

For real, though, if the Elminster in this scene is illusory (and it is), where did my food go?


It’s not an illusion, it’s a simulacrum. It’s a material copy of the real thing so he totally actually ate your food even though he totally didn’t need to.


You don’t understand, it was part of the Karsite cheese. Had he not eaten it, it would have eaten you!


I mean, I thought Wyll’s sorry line was cool. I did think he was a little boring as a parson though. I guess compared to the other companions he’s just too safe feeling. But I liked his story with Mizzora, and I found the ending with his father gratifying.


Best thing about this is when you attack Elminster, he’s actually just a construct. So he didn’t even bother to turn up personally.


Perhaps he was afraid that Gale would blow himself up


I don’t think even that would faze the real Elminster much. He’s as close to a god that a mortal can get in the Forbidden Realms I think, the champion of the living embodiment of magic itself. I mean, he didn’t even consider an Elder Brain to be worth his undivided attention.

ThunderWhiskers, avatar

What’s even better is they’re Eskimo bros! Elminster and Mystra used to get it on too.


Tunnel buddies.


Where is his bed? Is it safe?

Kolanaki, avatar

Well… It’s not inaccurate.

Stamets, avatar

It’s 100% accurate, that’s the insane thing. The fact it all happens so fucking casually too blows my damn mind. I might be misremembering it a bit but it really did feel like Gramps casually was like “Oh yeah by the way, here’s a remote control so you can control the bomb in your chest. Kill yourself and fix everything.”

Kolanaki, avatar

The fact it all happens so fucking casually too blows my damn mind.

“Hold up… You had sex… With a god?!

“Yes, but it’s not that big of a deal.”


Elminster got with Mystra first. Even wilder, Mystra magically changed Elminster’s gender as punishment (Elminster got his start as a thief) and made him serve as a female human cleric of Mystra for a while. Only when he was back in her good graces did she gender swap him back so she could bonk him.

All of this was before he was even a wizard. Elminster has seen some shit.

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