Nepenthe, avatar

Astarion standing loudly silent in the background while Gale awkwardly rambled about adrenaline and how big and sweaty my muscles were apropos of nothing felt utterly appropriate. It's not my favorite screenshot, but it is secretly up there.


Astarion doesn’t get a place in my party. Can’t stand him

Stamets, avatar

Its okay to be wrong <3


I’ll keep that in mind if it ever happens :o)

JackOfAllTraits, avatar

I mean, even his voice actor said that “If you like Astarion’s views, you need help”.


LOL, Astarion disapproves of everything I do. My Tav could sneeze and he would give me a side-eye.

teft, avatar

It always makes me chuckle when I switch to him and he goes “Don’t touch me”.

He’s my spirit animal.

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