I posted this while still going through the party and just found another one. Wither straight up goes

Though art the Saviour of Baldur’s Gate…until such time it requires saving again.

And later goes (I will summerize slightly)

I have waited long to tell you these words. It is over…for now.

Sleep, rest, revel. But be ready, For though mayest yet be needed.

They weren’t exactly subtle I suppose haha


HL2 grey man vibes. 😎

Keegen, (edited )

In my epilogue I had Lae’zel and her mission to talk to with the big important Githzerai guy whose name I cannot remember or pronounce, Gale inviting you to his magic school to talk with his students, Karlach and Wyll going to fix her engine and me trying my best to resist the urge to devour the brains of my fellow companions as a mind flayer (that one was a big surprise when it happened!). With how many possible permutations to the ending there are, I think the most realistic one for a DLC is the straightforward Karlach + Wyll (and possibly you) going to fix her engine, at least that one only has like 4 possible outcomes from what I recall (who goes with Karlach, and if Tav is a mind flayer or not).


Yeah, some sort of Karlach+Wyll DLC for seems the most obvious to me from what I’ve read.

Going to Gale’s magic school could be fun too, either as its own DLC or as a little side thing in another one. I’m sure a school full of Wizards could cause some problems that my character could be called in to help solve.


In my playthrough Karlach is a mindflayer and her engine is no longer an issue, so I can’t see that working for everyone, lol.


I was working under the assumption the player kept Karlach alive and un-mind flayered, it’s possible she never even made it to the end because Wyll killed her or the player committed some good old tiefling genocide and she left. The very idea of a DLC is honestly incredibly unlikely, but if one did happen and it wasn’t just some unrelated story, resolving Karlach’s engine troubles is probably the least convoluted one to implement.


What prompted me to make this thread was Lae’zel talking about having gained a foothold in the Astral Plane and fighting against Vlaakith. Could be a lot of fun to play and see the story with the Menyar-Ag-Gith she mentioned.

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