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I so want to play honor mode with someone… Anyone wanna kill time on PC or PS5 sometime? I’ll play my cleric/sorc OC <3

Trust me. He’s useful.


A lightning specialist, I assume?

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I’m at the goblin camp in my playthrough but I had to go run an errand. I’ll update here once I down Min, Ragz, and Gut. Glad I didn’t go to the cave first which is my usual go-to.

Edit: Nothing different that I noticed with the three goblin bosses. They all went down pretty quick. Minthara did down two of my guys though which had me sweating.


cool! based on the patch notes it looks like the big spider in act1 has a new web attack.

The harpies were throwing stones at me sometimes. I do not think they threw rocks on tactician.

i’m scared that they altered the fake-paladin or the big gnoll fight. I guess I will see when i get there.

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I’m leaving those two for the morning because I have the same fear. Flind has wrecked me numerous times before. Same with that damn fake-adin.

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