Anyone else having characters not moving their lips during dialog?

Basically title. I decided to start a new honor mode run after the update the other day (haven’t played in a few months) and getting a bug in which character’s face animations don’t work during dialog. Lips don’t move, expressions don’t change. A little googling didn’t turn up any similar reported bugs except for a couple dating back to the early access days. Has anyone else been seeing this since the update, or is it just me?


For what it’s worth for anyone finding this post later, uninstalling and reinstalling the game fixed this for me.


Which lips?


I’ve been seeing it. Worse since the patch, but it happened every once in a while before. Major desync between the audio and animation; sometimes cutting each other off.

Now I’ve just restarted and it hasn’t been any worse than before, so I feel like maybe the problem had to do with continuing games started before the patch.



Hmm, just tried restarting my PC, no dice. It’s 100% percent of dialogue for me, not just some of the time. Guess I’ll try the old uninstall/reinstall.


I meant I started a new playthrough, sorry. Hopefully that’s not the issue for you though.


What I’ve found is that it tends to happen more on dialogs and cut scenes that are skipped through. If you press A or skip through a cutscene at the wrong time (no idea how to tell when a bad time is) it will de sync the entire dialog and from then out you just get characters bobbing their heads as if they were saying something but not actually speaking. Luckily it seems to stop happening for me on the next cutscene if I let it play through the entire way unskipped.


Been happening to me since the beginning of the game. Only on the mind flayers though. PS5.

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