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/u/outwrangle before everything went to shit in 2020, /u/emma_lazarus for a while after that, now I’m all queermunist! avatar


A melbournian with many interests:

  • Christian (very liberal)
  • Embedded Linux Engineer
  • Magic The Gathering judge
  • Mechanical keyboard enthusiast (mostly DIY, all very small, Colemak layout)
  • Trying to get into woodworking

All too often I come off as argumentative, I'm working on it but definitely a work in progress. Also frequently more pedantic than I'm comfortable with.

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Little bit of everything!

Avid Swiftie (come join us at !taylorswift )

Gaming (Mass Effect, Witcher, and too much Satisfactory)


I live for 90s TV sitcoms avatar


Formerly /u/Zagorath on the alien site. avatar


Also maybe Riikka, or maybe formerly Riikka.
Meep :3
They/She, also transer than a box of transistors! wiggles transly
Very cute, but also weird and sometimes kinda sharp
May not get to wiggle again. Please rescue. avatar


Born and raised in London. Just a normal guy with a moral compass. avatar


I see you stalking me. If I don’t respond, I may have a content filter on your instance, or you have been blocked. Sorey! avatar


Marxist-Leninist trapped in the U.S. Empire. From the river to the sea!

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She / They blobhaj, flag, bisexual

Yuri lover with Touhou brainrot. avatar


I'm a policy nerd, studying Italian, trying to grow veggies and learning to be more tolerant and empathetic.

I like tea, libraries, jigsaw puzzles, fridge magnets, cooking, mountains, trains, rescue dogs, history docos and southeast asian islands.

When I grow up I want to be a train driver. Or a librarian. Or maybe a character in a William Gibson novel.

I only boost pics with Alt Text. My posts vanish after three months.

Cover pic: Sam Kerr mid-way through a post-goal backflip avatar


Signore dei mari, lmao avatar


Pumpkin Spiced Latte is just Chai w/Coffee. Rails+Trails! Sometimes I sew.

Bothsidesism will be blocked. avatar


Born and raised in London. Just a normal guy with a moral compass. avatar


One of the founders of the Yimby movement in Stockholm, Scandinavia, and the world!
Views expressed here are personal ones.

Day job: Database Engineer, primarily using PostgreSQL

#yimby #housing #science #urbanism #transportation #UrbSth #08bygg #WilliamsSyndrome avatar


London-based writer. Often climbing. avatar


No gods, no masters. avatar


Tech and Social Media Expert

bring your friends
It's fun to lose and to pretend
She's over-bored and self-assured
Oh no, I know a dirty word

Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid, and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us

I'm worse at what I do best
And for this gift, I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end

Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
I found it hard, it's hard to find
Oh well, whatever, never mind avatar


Hello World - I'm Intrested in Life
#Regeneration #Urbanism #SolarPunk #Mindfulness #Trees avatar


#TwitterQuitter #RedditQuitter #FacebookQuitter Be nice to me. Australian. Leftie. Feminist. Part time space cadet. Opinionated but not evil about it. Living on stolen Awabakal land. #auspol #uspolitics #ukpolitics

I follow nice people. Unless you come from Do not follow me if you come from that domain. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.

My epitaph should I depart this mortal coil: We came from stardust and we will be stardust again avatar


Brooklyn/SF-based web developer, fan of hard SF (especially The Expanse - speak Lang Belta with me!), lover of coyotes, accessibility, cocktails, bacon, and sushi. Bi and queer, Neopagan, feminist and SJW.
🗽🌉 • 💖🚀 • 🍸🥓🍣 • 🏳️‍🌈✊🏻🌟♀️

Avatar: Me, a bald, middle-aged white guy, with bi pride color stripes behind my head
Header: The San Francisco Bay Bridge at night, with the vertical cables lit up by the Bay Lights avatar


My main Mastodon account on the Fediverse is @ajsadauskas avatar

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Just tippy-tappin’ my way across the internet. avatar


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Ho creato questo account per promuovere e discutere di mobilità sostenibile, ciclismo cittadino, sviluppi urbani che mettano al centro le persone, non le auto. Focus su Milano, ma non solo.

#mobilitasostenibile #ciclismourbano #mezzipubblici #fuckcars avatar


cultural reviewer and dabbler in stylistic premonitions avatar


We can afford nice things … if we stop spending billions on nothing

🅭🅯🄎 #tfr DOB: 332.4ppm CO₂ avatar


small axe working for sustained / systemic change (he / him).

Also Senior Lecturer, TD School at UTS.

Some areas of interest: #anthropology, #anarchism #ethnography #strategicDesign #serviceDesign #foresight #futures #buddhism #hockey #music #collectiveImprovisation #speculativeEverything #JustTransition #politicalEcology #Australia #Canada

[Banner image is a panoramic photo with snowshoe tracks on Maligne Lake, Jasper NP, December 2018] avatar


He/him. Digital analytics, data privacy, behavioural data collection. Dad of humans and dog. Raver. Cyclist. Sydney FC. Vaccine collector. Ham radio nerd: VK2VSR. Bad at electronics but I keep trying. 3D printing. Love to cook and eat.

Marrickville in Gadigal/Eora/Sydney avatar


I write science fiction, draw, paint, photobash, do woodworking, and dabble in 2d videogames design. Big fan of reducing waste, and of building community

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Go away.

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Studying how people interact, in the past (#CulturalAnalytics) and today (#EdTech #Crowdsourcing). Researcher at, University of Milan. Bulgarian activist for legal reform with I use dedicated accounts for different languages.

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Enthusiastic geographer. I blog about buses, podcast about Sydney's history and documentarised the Macquarie River.

Opinions are my own.

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