GTA 6’s Publisher Says Video Games Should Theoretically Be Priced At Dollars Per Hour

While Take-Two is riding high on their announcement that a GTA 6 trailer is coming, its CEO has some…interesting ideas on how much video games could cost, part of a contingent of executives that believe games are underpriced, given their cost, length or some combination of the two.


Alright so then pay us for the time spent in loading screens lol


Take 2 is playing a dangerous game betting the farm on a single property and then trying to come up with new ways to milk it. When it falls out of favor it is going to sink them.


It’s worked fine for blizzard and wow for the past 10+ years even though is a hollow shell of what it used to be.


I don’t actually disagree with moving from the 60/70 USD standard, but instead I think big budget blockbuster studios should die off, and focus on making optimized, shorter, and more creative games.


Can I counteract that with “then maybe you should release finished products at the initial public release date”?


That’s a terrible idea. You’d pay more than an entire paycheck just to play a typical JRPG which typically have 40+ hours of gameplay. I’m not paying $600 to play one game.

This is developers incrementally conditioning you to accept an even worse state of things for games. And if they follow through, I’ll pirate their shit and never give them a dime of my money again.

MeanEYE, avatar

I agree, as should salaries of employees. Every hour you produce something measurable you get paid. See how far that idea goes.


I wish I could get a partial money back if I played 2-3 hours because the game is crap…


So he’s suggesting AAA games be about $5-$10 right?

itslilith, avatar

Oh God, Factorio will cost me my life savings


Oh shit… I thought the $/hr was a good idea until you mentioned Factorio.


Awesome proposal. Some indie games would suck me dry and I’d be paying 1/4 of the price for AAA releases! Is this the redistribution of wealth Marx has been talking about?


€200 for Vampire Survivors?


not enough tbh


If it was a dollar an hour, then GTAV would be $1208…

But of course, TV AFKing took up a solid chunk of this time… because of forced waiting periods. Sooooo combine a pay-to-play per hour model and forced waiting periods then you’ve got MTX “Shark cards” with extra annoying steps.


By that logic, imagine how much a soccer ball will cost!




I’ve put in 2000+ hours on Civilization IV, Stellaris, and Skyrim, and 1000+ on several other titles. So, since I could quite happily never purchase another game again, and simply play those games until I die, let’s use them as our baseline for what the cost should be, shall we? Assuming they cost $120 each (maybe a little low on Stellaris when you count all the DLC, and definitely high on Civ IV) I’ve played each of them for about 2,000 hours…that means I should expect to pay $0.06 per hour. Heck, let’s be generous! Let’s count Stellaris, with ALL of its DLC, at the price it currently is, without being on sale (except for one that’s at 10% off. I’ve bought most of the DLC on various sales of at least 30% off, but let’s try pricing all games as though they cost this much. That’s about $335. Which still comes out to $0.16 an hour. Not bad, I’ll take it!

Granted, since most games don’t hold me for 2,000 hours, most games aren’t going to get that much out of me. I sometimes buy new games at a $60 to $70 price point. So, the average game would have to hold me for 375 hours in order to make the same amount I pay for it now. Which means in my entire Steam library, there are a mere 12 games that would reach that threshold of getting equal or greater than the $60 I’m willing to occasionally pay these days.

I’m all for it! Most of my games would drop considerably in price, even at $0.16 an hour!

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Factorio would cost me $370


I bought it for my friends because I felt bad having only payed 20$ to the devs for thousands of hours of content.


Don’t talk to Dota 2, counterstrike, valorant or league of legends players.

Inb4 anyone mentions the hundreds of other game I didn’t mention.


Hey, what about the hundreds of other games you didn’t mention?



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