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…He’s not wrong.


That’s a block from me, dawg.


Yes, 2023 is widely regarded as the worst year ever in gaming


lol what a lame post


pronouns, gays, and women are scawy :( oh no whatever will the fragile men do now that they aren’t the only face of video games 🥺🥺🥺


I had to look up scawy - how scawy is that. I think pronouns are best left as unchanged as ever, but I'm glad that women and gays are more appreciated and more visible now. Being gay myself, I know that the really scawy things, the things that really keep people's brains small and restricted, are ignorance and bias. Those are shackles you can't outgrow or outrun.


I’m glad for the ability to change pronouns, I know a lot of trans and non-binary people who really appreciate the inclusion, and it doesn’t impact the game in any negative ways. I think people can outgrow ignorance and bias, but it takes a significant amount of work and a willingness to change. Unfortunately, not many people see any reason to challenge their bias and bigotry so it rarely happens.


If it uses the word “woke” it’s automatically not worth anyone’s time


Don’t forget “political”.

If it means that it’s talking about society, every story ever written is political in some way. But we all know in this context it means “stuff I don’t like”.


TBH that goes both ways too. How many people would be upvoting and praising this video if it was coming at the topic from the other direction politically? I would bet it would be a LOT of people here. I get frustrated at hearing everything called “woke” too, but if people are going to ask one “side” to check their biases, they should be able to do the same for themselves.


Wouldn’t you ignore an article that said modern gaming is dead because its facism/made by Nazis/car head’s

Same buzzword bullshit that let’s you know the creator of whatever it is, is in too deep


What a load of crap, only a few minutes in and it’s all “games are getting worse…” when we’re in one of the strongest years for releases in ages. We’re in a year where TotK is likely to miss out of GOTA awards, that’s how good it’s been.

Games aren’t the issue here, it’s folk like the videos creator who are.


I haven’t been keeping up with games this year due to reasons, what are some of the games that might be better than TotK?


BG3 swept pretty heavily at the Golden Joystick Awards, and is likely going to win a lot at TGA as well (deservedly so IMO). Other games it has stiff competition from include Spiderman 2, Alan Wake 2, and even fellow Nintendo game Super Mario Wonder.


Games are shit for a lot of us. But this YouTube is trying to tailgate with their own nonesense

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Do a remaster of 1 & 3 like they did with Nier Replicant.

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