This ROBERTS SPACE INDUSTRIES. You game locked for virus and crime.

Please send further $3.5 MILLION USD in iTunes GIFT CARDS to further unlock services and ships in the future maybe.


Public broadcaster radio just struggled to raise $500k for charity, and then get to see this bullshit.


Maybe they should put out a product people want to pay for.


Or say that they will eventually.


Well, I guess I expected too much of the lemmy community to not leave a bunch of idiotic, uninformed, seething comments on anything SC related.

It’s just reddit without all the content.


I dumped $60 into this like… 12 years ago I think? I knew it was a Chris Roberts scam but was willing to take a chance on modern freelancer.

How the fuck are people still pumping money into this? How is this not been exposed as a government or criminal front?


You guys are delusional. There is no scam. They have a feature complete game and are entering refinement.






I’m guessing they’re referring to Squadron 42.


Sunk cost fallacy

mlg, avatar

Sometimes I wish Fdev had done a better job of updating elite dangerous and really putting in effort for cleaning up mechanics issues.

But then I see stupidity like this and realize I am so much better off lmao. At least I have a 1:1 milky way game to play whenever I want.


God… Elite has so much potential. Its almost so good, but just stumbles so much. Like… i bought it so I could walk around my ship. Thats like my fantasy and they were promising it, but, alas, they still don’t have it.


Elite is great but too damn shallow. And don’t get me started on odyssey. The game did not need space legs jankps.


That’s why I like what star citizen is doing. Fdev is not only beholden to shareholders that force out unfinished unpolished crap lacking in content, but they have 262828 other games to focus on so they took the lazy way out: get a minimally viable product out and then axe most of what braben talked about elite being in favor of small lore additions and an attempt at FPS stuff but again as lazily as possible.

I loved what elite wanted to be but I hate the greed and laziness. I’ll wait another 10 years for star citizen for it to be the best game ever because I know for a fact no one is ever going to attempt this again, it’s too expensive and no company will ever spend the money if they have a publisher.

These comments sections are almost laughable because we see the dichotomy of gamers “OmG TeN YeAr AlPhA!” but every other game it’s “OMG DELAY IT! ITS NOT FINISHED!”


Isn’t Star Citizen that grift game?


No, you’re cosplaying a patron to leonardo davinci working on his magnum opus. To be unveiled any day now.


Star Citizen players and Escape from Tarkov players. Both think their game will be finished before they are copied/cloned by a faster/better studio.


The Fun Pimps have entered the chat

TopRamenBinLaden, (edited )

This has already happened with Tarkov. Tarkov has been copied and cloned, but none of them are nearly as popular. Call of Duty didn’t even really come close, and that’s AAA. The game has already been around for 7 years. You would think someone had the time to make a better extraction shooter by now, but no one has. I honestly wish they would hurry up, because Tarkov is a mess from a netcode and performance perspective, it’s just great in the game design department.

c0mbatbag3l, avatar

I’d argue DMZ was a better (or at least more casual) extraction shooter than Tarkov, I enjoyed it more than the cycle frontier at least.

TopRamenBinLaden, (edited )

I prefer Tarkov just a bit, but I honestly really liked dmz too. It wasn’t bad at all. Not nearly as deep as Tarkov, but it didn’t need to be. It had actually decent netcode and hit reg compared to the mess that EFT is. It’s kind of a shame that the mode wasn’t more popular, but thats partially due to the playerbase being so divided between multiplayer and warzone already. I’m still hopeful that they can improve it in the future.

c0mbatbag3l, avatar

I’d rather them just update the MW3 zombies mode, I’m having a great time with it. It’s a really fun combination of DMZ style gameplay with the zombies from CW “Outbreak.” Hopefully they expand the types of missions and put special events into it.

Dark_Arc, avatar

I think Hunt Showdown has done really well in the extraction shooter genre

FangedWyvern42, avatar

I honestly feel like they should just release Squadron 42 now and then do Star Citizen. Let us have the ships and combat in an Ace Combat style game just in case Star Citizen never release.


That’s the plan. They started with star citizen being the focus and then 2 years ago they pulled most of the staff to finish SQ42. Now that they’re in the “polishing phase” for sq42 they have started pulling people back to work on star citizen. Next year is going to be big for star citizen, very very important core tech being implemented and a deluge of content should come with the reallocation of workers to star citizen.

Source: I’m literally obsessed with star citizen/sq42 and know too much about it, send help. (My wallet is ok lol)


Ah yes next year will be amazing for Star Citizen. I wonder when it will finally come…


Honestly, I don’t see star citizen being “complete” for another 5-6 years lol next year will be awesome though if they can get server meshing implemented so they can try to nail down server performance. Right now it’s atrocious lol


Fingers Crossed.

I backed back on kickstarter, and still wanna play it.

okmko, (edited )

“(On SQ42) …but our plan is to be feature and content complete by the end of 2019, with the first 6 months of 2020 for Alpha … and then Beta.” - Chris Roberts, 2018

Apparently the order of operations is reversed for Chris Roberts in that both “feature complete” and “content complete” come before both “alpha” and “beta”.

There might even be a “delta” and “gamma” - you never know when it comes to this man and the absolute slipperiness he employs with the English language.


… That is how it works? You aren’t in beta until you’re feature and content complete, that’s the final stage for any game. Alpha is mostly content complete, but pretty much always feature complete.

The people who bastardized the usage of those words are the steam early access devs that call a game with 1 feature completed and almost no content an EA beta.

okmko, (edited )

Is it the early access games, or is it just Chris Roberts’ history of being deceptive?

I mean, if SQ42 is truly close to being released, if it requires a last push, shouldn’t all employees continue to work on the project? Usually the final stages of a project require more work, not less.

Why would you suddenly “prioritize porting features from SQ42 to SC” if releasing SQ42 is a goal?


Because those people aren’t currently needed for the things that need to be done in sq42. They didn’t move everyone, it seems like a lot of the people they’ve spoken about moving over are art related and some tech people that aren’t needed for “polishing.”

Star citizen hit a point where they knew that large complicated tech was going to take time to implement and they couldn’t progress with content as the servers can’t handle it until the aforementioned tech is in so I think they made a reasonable decision to pull as many people over to SQ42 while the networking people and the core tech people worked on star citizen. Within the next few months we’re going to see if they can complete that core tech needed for the servers and that will allow for work to continue on as far as content/future systems.

All that said, Chris is absolutely horrendous at giving dates and I’m glad he stopped himself at citizencon this year. I would love to ask him what made him think 2020 was a reasonable estimate for anything lol

okmko, (edited )

I see. Well, I guess I’ll see you in 2 years then when they inevitably pull off another swap and move all resources from SC back onto SQ42, and use that as an excuse, yet again, for why significant progress isn’t happening now, but soon in the near-future.

I’ll even mark my calendar 😉

ICastFist, avatar

Is it worth pirating to play it single player today and get an idea of its current state? Or is the game online only?

Spacebourne 2 immediately comes to mind. It’s only one dude doing everything, so it’s both amazing and lacking at the same time.

Also Evochron Legacy, a real passion project of a space sim.

kerrigan778, (edited )

I don’t think it’s possible to play the current game single player (offline) meaningfully. But there are very regular free fly events, I think you barely just missed one. I’m not sure I’d really describe it as worth it regardless for most people right now, it’s still very alpha and has a very steep learning curve to actually work out how to progress on your own. But it is a beautiful thing to explore still.

Furbag, (edited )

The singleplayer experience, called Squadron 42, is not yet available. Online only for the public alpha test.

As to whether or not it’s worth it, you can be the judge. They have multiple free-fly events each year (although the most recent one just passed I think) where you can download the game and play for a whole week for free to see if it’s for you. I would wait for the next one to come up and try it then, if you are curious about it.

Generally, I try to steer people away from it even though I’m a fan of the game myself because it’s just so rough around the edges and the initial mystique and wonder of exploring a vast solar system quickly wears off and gets replaced by tedium and lost progress due to bugs and glitches, so it doesn’t make for the most enjoyable experience. YMMV.

I’d say just wait for SQ42 to come out, however long that may take. Possibly within the next few years if we’re being optimistic.

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

Which do you wager we’ll have sooner? SQ42 or sustained fusion?


If we’re lucky, both at the same time 😁


I am not proud to say I was an original backer, but luckily only for like 25 bucks.

It became clear after a year or two it was vaporware. even if a product ever comes out it’ll not be what I backed originally, which was Privateer TNG. So I stopped following the game, never played any of the tech demo’s and just shake my head warily when I see news articles like this. Bernie Madoff is in jail for basically the same thing. How can people still support this travesty.


Calling it vaporware is a bit silly they have over 500 employees and have tech nobody else has you can play right now. If you have an original package you can sell it on the gray market for much more than you paid for it. I understand it has had troubled development but you don’t know what you are talking about.

M0oP0o, avatar

What does the number of employees have to do with not having a finished product while also being the highest funded game in history? By this logic I am sure since FTX had 650 employees they must be all above board, if that was all some ponzi scheme they why the staff?


troubled development

This is the biggest understatement of the year.

you don’t know what you are talking about

EXCUSE me? I was an original backer, I know EXACTLY what I backed. If you like what Star Citizen is doing then enjoy yourself. But do not tell me what was promised to me and what is being delivered now has ANY bearing on each other. Beacuse it does not.


Are you aware they had a backer vote on the direction of the game? It was on if they were going to have stretch goals after the original KS pitch. 94% of the votes went to changing the game into something bigger (more features added). I understand it sucks for people that wanted the smaller more realistic game but they lost the vote. And again you can sell your ship for more than you paid, sometimes way way more. Should they have ignored the vote that was that overwhelming?

LucidDaemon, (edited )

It seems a lot of people haven’t played it. It’s quite playable and has less bugs than the average new AAA game.

It’s currently got 4 planets, each with 3 or more moons, and many stations that can be visited. 6+ game loops and around 30 flyable ships.

Yeah people spend way too much real money on it, but 90% of the fly read ships are purchasable in the game. At least give the damn game a shot before you shit on it. The community is super nice and willing to help new comers.

Edit: Not sure why everyone is so upset. This is my experience and every argument I’ve seen against sc is about bugs or spending real money on ships. Let people enjoy the games they want without getting so mad cause someone likes a game you don’t.



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  • Rutschi, avatar

    It’s still in alpha and will propably be for quite a while. I occasionally play star citizen, it’s fun but nowhere near feature complete or bugfree.


    still in alpha after nearly 15 years, and 3/4th a billion dollars drained from donators.


    and it only took almost 15 years and a three quarters of a billion dollars to get… most ships flyable, and a couple planets.

    and you say that as if its praise worthy.


    I mean what game has been around with active development for 15 years? Most games development stop at 5sh. I paid $45 8 months ago with no reason to spend more.

    While 15 years is stupid, at least it’s a fun game. So I’ll continue to enjoy it while not spending anymore money on it.

    M0oP0o, avatar

    Project Zomboid Playable since 2011 and still in active development, oh and no micro transactions, ton of mod support and costs $26.

    mutch, avatar

    Less bugs than the average new AAA game is just not true lol. I have a lot of fun with SC but it’s a complete buggy mess.


    For me this is true, I’ve been playing since 3.18 and haven’t had many bugs. Cyberpunk and Halo had more bugs.

    mutch, avatar

    Give me your secrets, lol. I want to love SC desperately but I find prohibitively frustrating every time I die in an elevator for no reason, or my ship explodes randomly, or I’m unable to get up out of the bed, or my character phases into the planet, etc etc etc. Functions on ships just don’t work sometimes for me.


    I had those, but it’s rare for me. When I first started I phased into a corsair and decided to do a character reset and have had very little issues since. That and I’ve heard newer hardware helps as well.

    mutch, avatar

    Everyone gets too upset about it. Personally I payed $45 for it, and I feel like I got more than $45 worth of game out of it even if I feel like it’s a total mess. I don’t think it’s a $500m, 15 year game, I guess, but to me it was a $45 game so it doesn’t bother me.


    It’s a mess, but people are playing the new COD and that’s a mess too. Maybe it’s because I’ve only been playing for 8 months, but I find it super enjoyable.


    It’s depressing to know that it’s actually apparently more profitable to never really release a game than to release one and it be moderately popular


    Scam Citizen still hustlin

    Send_me_nude_girls, avatar


    seaQueue, avatar

    Chris Roberts hookers and blow fund isn’t going to fund itself y’know

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