Cybersteel, avatar

Kanon, Air, Clannad etc


Probably one that doesn’t get recognized much. In Anachronox, when you find out what happened to Fatima on “that night”.

owenfromcanada, avatar

Breath of the Wild, during one of the memories.

Also Undertale. Left me with a large mess of feelings at the end.


Earthbound. Was playing it as a kid and didn’t have a guide. Final boss, was losing. Hit “pray” in a panic because I was out of options. And then it does the whole thing, and something about overcoming impossible odds with the power of love and community gets to me.

Also the ending of the binding of Isaac where you hear his parents fighting. That dredged up some feelings I didn’t know were kicking around down there!


I tried to install Skyrim and my disc was unreadable


Ugh, my husband made me play the role of Vincent in “A Way Out” and didn’t tell me anything about it beforehand.

I had such a good time playing that game all the way until the final battle where instead I just bawled my eyes out and refused to play.

Great game, but I would never play it again.

Nihilore, avatar

Genshin has had me tearing up in a few of its main story quests, beautiful game


End of BioShock Infinite


The end of Horizon: Zero Dawn


The entire “What Remains of Edith Finch” game

victron, avatar

Duuuuude, that game is full of awesome pieces, I didn’t cry, but damn, many of those really hit hard.


Mother 3 may be the only game that made me teary. I think there may be another I’m blocking out but I generally avoiding trying to be sad


Mass effect 3, the last scene with Anderson. I used the better ending mod, and it made it so much better. Anderson was a true friend.


I used that mod too but then regretted it. As sad as it is, the vanilla ending (post patch) is the best it gets and fits the most naturally. Probably an unpopular opinion but I didn’t hate the star child ending (post patch).

SVcross, avatar

Zack’s final battle. Yes dude, you are a hero.

Fuck Shinra.


For me it was The Last Guardian’s ending.


Horizon zero dawn is the game that got me. Getting closer to the end just got me sadder and sadder.

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