I’ll watch the trailer 2 years from now, when the game is nearing completion. Until then this means almost nothing.


I’ve waited so long for this and it was just ok. It is only a reveal but nothing stood out as something I need to be a part of. Maybe it’s marketed toward their online cohort.


As someone who grew up with block graphic games and sprites on a 320x240 pixel screen in 16 colors, this looks impressive. Not my kind of game or genre, but still well done.

Olap, (edited )

Vice City was my favourite, the soundtrack alone was amazing. I have literally skipped V after IV was too big, and never finished rdr2, depsite rdr being one of my favourite ever games. Hoping for a tighter, tastier VI, not just “more”


same here, it already looks full of crowded places and tons of cool stuff jammed into this huge city, but most of them were animated cinematic Instagram looking stuff so I guess we have to wait 4 years to see.


We seem to have similar tastes. I beg you to finish rdr2. OMG, best game of my life.


Does it improve towards the end? I was playing it and got about half way but stopped. The world is beautiful but the quests are boring af. It’s a movie with repetitive actions from time to time.


It gets a little better in its last 3rd, but only story wise. It is a remarkably bland experience compared to the first game. If riding around on a horse and chest-high wall cover-based shooting wasn’t fun for you after the first hour, there’s nothing for you later on either.


Nobody who wants a “tighter, tastier” experience is going to like RDR2


What was your favorite part?

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Burning down the house.


Looks fun but I’m going to wait until I see some in game footage.

The level of people in the comments section who seem to think they’ll be getting all of what they’re seeing in the trailer is alarming.

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I imagine everything you see in the trailer is in-engine footage, even if it’s not being controlled by the player. This has always been the case with GTA trailers since GTA3.


I don’t mind the way the actual trailer was done, but I’d definitely have preferred to see actual gameplay given they gave a release window. It telegraphs a rushed release, because if it was feature-complete they’d show gameplay


Or… It’s just the first trailer for a game they’ve been hounded for years at this point? They don’t need to put in effort to sell GTA6 at this point, they basically could just release GTAV with some QOL fixes and features (looking at you load times, still) and they’d have buyers lined up. GTA6 at this point in time is already a fully fueled hype train, until they announce a massive delay, so they can trickle feed out trailers with minimal effort up until that point. Obviously this is my opinion and such, but I would be honestly a little surprised if they were rushing it, given how 5 performed at launch.

gila, (edited )

Of course, a delay is preferable to a rushed launch. Cyberpunk showed we can have both, though. I’m just pushing back on this new idea that in-engine footage is a substitute for gameplay. While we’re deducing stuff based on the lack of gameplay, the game not being feature complete would mean that whatever is possible in-engine is irrelevant anyway. The whole later step of scaling and optimising to the platforms they’re releasing on hasn’t happened yet

The launch window being so critical is the same reason why they should just say “coming soon”, or announce an announcement or something for a trailer like this, in my opinion. That way the first public release about the game doesn’t immediately set the tone that starts heaping pressure on the dev team. Keep in mind that tone was already set by leaks.


Is it? Doesn’t seem unrealistic to me at all.


What’s the in trailer that you couldn’t expect? I didn’t really see anything GTA V didn’t already have.

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Rockstar have a better track record for giving us what they show us in their initial trailer. We’re not talking about Ubisoft or CDPR here.

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Vice city was never even close to my favorite, and I was really hoping for something else for gta6. That said- I was completely wrong and this looks amazing and I am fuckin excited for it

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Man, hearing the first second of that Tom Petty song had me super excited for a game set in the 80s or 90s…

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Looking at all the instagram/tik tok like sections in the trailer, and the twerking, our hopes are probably futile.


If GTA 6 is set as far in the past as GTA: Vice City was, it would be set in 2009.

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Do I still have to tap X to run?


You’ll have to lick the touchpad

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The hot coffee mod overheats the cpu so you burn your tongue.


Tldr 2025


Leak is more shock factor than a real release nowadays so they just say that 😂😂


It was officially scheduled for tomorrow at 9am.

Pretty sure Rockstar didn’t intentionally jump the gun screwing up their media partners on announcing a $1-2 billion media product in order to release it initially in potato quality on Twitter with “Buy BTC” superimposed on it.


Gross, someone seriously leaked it with a trashy watermark?


Or this is exactly how you would fake a leak? (Minus screwing the media partners who are already in on it.)


Riiiiight. Leaked.


hard to tell anymore man, I remember when leaks was fun

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Well, they did not say or admit that it was not them who leaked it.


Of course it was.

Do you really think their media team announced a global release for the trailer on official channels a week ago, had it slated for tomorrow at 9am EST, and then intentionally left leaked their own trailer on Twitter in crap format with “Buy BTC” superimposed on it the day before, suddenly scrambling to release the official trailer but leaving media partners high and dry jumping the official date by less than 24 hours?

At a certain point, skepticism of skepticism is also warranted.


It created a buzz, so…. Yes. I wouldn’t put it past them.


Right, because the first trailer for GTA 6 needed additional buzz…


GTA makes a killing by parodying conspiracy theory nutjobs, maybe Rockstar can make an NPC character based off of you.


Yawn. Enjoy your game kiddo.

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