Miyamoto didn’t actually say it?


Found this while looking around, he either did or did not say it in an interview with The Guardian in 2001, but it was also said by some people a few years earlier.

I’m not entirely convinced, having read the quote from The Guardian in an interview they did with Miyamoto, you’d think that’d be proof enough. People in the associated Twitter thread really decided that it was just unsourced.


Valve taking 25 years to patch their game?



It’s less of a “forever” now. Lots of games are a buggy mess on release and then get patched into a great game months later.

Still a bad move, but it’s not like pre internet “forever”


Its more about reputation. If ur game launches bad, it will always be known as a bad game to most.

No man’s sky launched in a bad state, now it’s a really good game, but it’s still got that mark on it.


I think NMS is still a terrible game. It’s an okay sandbox and a neat tech demo for procedural systems, but the actual components and mechanics that make it a game are extremely shallow at best and frankly idiotic at worst.

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