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the fact it’ll be a games-as-a-service-type game.



What exactly is games-as-a-service? Is that like a monthly payment so you never own the game? Cause fuck that noise.

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Season Passes, think Destiny 2, Fortnite, Diablo 4. Where the content is always revolving around and you have to pay seasonally to access it.

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When I first heard it used in the late 90’s/early 2000’s when MMOs started taking off, it applied to subscription games with continued dev support.

These days it’s generally referring to season passes and continued dev support by way a slow drip feed of MTX content.

Either way: I’m not a fan.


It comes down to “Pay once, then keep paying (bi/tri)monthly if you don’t want a handicapped game experience”.


Also, keep playing, you don’t get to play when you want and have time and still have fun. The point of you playing is not fun, but to pump our active user numbers.


I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I know payday 3 is Not looking to great right now, but payday 2 was and is fun, so ill See how this One turns out


I’m not going to say my expectations very high, personally. Most (maybe all?) of the founding members of Overkill left to found 10 Chambers after Payday 2. They’ll have to fix Payday 3 before I get excited.


Hard to have that much faith after Payday 3’s launch.

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Really says something that, according to steamcharts numbers, Payday 2 has over 10x the current playercount than Payday 3 right now. Even peak, Payday 3 has 3,475, whereas Payday 2 has 34,680.

And as far as D&D video games go… Baldur’s Gate 3 already mastered that niche. I’ll keep an eye out if it sounds impressive, but I don’t see it living up to the same standard. Even then, going to a game shop and playing with real people around a table can’t be beat, either.

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