Cool. Im sold.


I wonder if they’re bringing back co-op, having two main characters.


Maybe in GTA VI Online, but the campaign will probably be like GTA V where you switch between characters.


I’m talking about single player co op like they had in San Andreas, but able to play all the way through.


Sure, I just don’t think it’ll happen. I think they’ll want to funnel any co-op into an online offering where they’re more likely to sell MTX, and supporting co-op in a SP campaign would detract from that.

It would be really cool though.

melroy, avatar

Love it!

Blaze, avatar

Hey, nice to see you here, I’m a big fan of Mbin!

melroy, avatar

Thank you so much for your kind words!

ShadowCat, avatar

Lmao they literally posted on Twitter “Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube”

Sucks it was leaked just hours before the planned release but at least they handled it well.

Really hope this game will be good, not going in with high expectations as too many games have released in poor states recently but given how long this has been in development more, maybe it won’t be a rushed mess and they’ve still got all of 2024 + some amount of 2025 to continue work.


Since they didn’t mention a quarter, I’m guessing they’ll take most of 2025.


Heh. Amateur. It won’t be ready before end of 2027.


First time? 🙃


In their last investor call they said they expected a significant increase in revenue for the FY ending in spring 2025.

I’m guessing it’s currently slated for spring 2025, but there’s decent odds it will be delayed given most of their flagship games end up delayed.


This game is gonna be a huge stinker

sugar_in_your_tea, (edited )

IDK, it looks like they addressed my main complaint about GTA 5: unlikable characters. I wanted to like Franklin, and Trevor was at least initially interesting, but their arcs were just so disappointing.

This game has two protagonists, they seem to have some chemistry, and the brief hints of story seemed to have promise.

I’ll was planning to not buy GTA VI due to the apparent focus on online recently, but I’ll wait to see reviews to see if they make a more interesting SP experience than GTA V.


How was Trevor likable in GTA5? He is a psycho.


Likeable in the sense that he was interesting. I especially liked his epilogue (if you let him live) where you find out he has mommy issues, which gives a hint as to what broke inside him. He made me uncomfortable, and that’s interesting.

Michael on the other hand was just your garden variety narcissist. That’s not interesting to me.

Franklin was interesting because he seemed to have internal drive to break the cycle of poverty he was in. He wanted the American dream, any he was willing to work for it. But he ultimately disappointed me by losing that drive once he made it big (e.g. every time I’d switch to him late game, he’d be in his pool or something).

I wanted DLC to expand on Trevor and Franklin, because I think that could be make them both more interesting.

MushuChupacabra, avatar

Holy shit

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