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Hey, y’all! Just another random, loudmouthed, opinionated, Southern-fried nerdy American living abroad.

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I like to play devil's advocate and am interested in sharing knowledge about my hobbies! I like gaming and VR, AI, herbal vaporizers, media analysis and philosophy! avatar


Reddit refugee...wasting my time at now. avatar


Mobile Gaming News, Reviews, Codes and more. avatar

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Former Reddit user looking for an alternative! I love Creative Writing, games, anime/manga, Android, movies, books, practicing phone photography, and long strolls to nowhere in particular. I'm also on Mastodon talking about day-to-day stuff like my progress in Animal Crossing New Horizons or whatever has caught my fancy!

I'm a card-carrying homosexual if that truly matters duckies!

I'm @WanderingInDigitalWorlds on Mastodon, I joined the server! avatar


My tWiTcH
My yOuTuBe
My rEdDiT
My wEbLoG avatar


itty53 everywhere but twitter. avatar

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Gaming enthusiast, writer, artist, and social media ronin. Current denizen of the Dork Web, aka federated media. Doesn't play well with others. avatar


I block fascists & other stupid assholes avatar


🌱 Pronouns | She / Her / E
💡Interests | Video Editing & Video Games avatar


Interested in games, tech, and sports. Soft spot for open source projects. avatar


I'm working on a roguelike tower defense: avatar


I’m not a bot account, Dave.

Live well and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead. avatar


Indie game devs going 10+ years strong. We make deep, highly-replayable RPGs.

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Just an anonymous llama 🦙🦙🦙 avatar


Welcome to Prominent Games. At the point when individuals discuss Skill games and innovative technology, Prominent Games rings the bell. Your favourite Prominent Skill Games & top games are right here for your fun. Prominent Games is broadly perceived for their quality and excellent outcomes. Being in the know regarding the most recent propensities of the innovation period, Skill Gaming Technology points to carrying new measurements into the traditional gaming experience. avatar


Bibliothécaire - Blogueur.
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💕 Female 🌱 She / Her / E 🍭 21 💡Video Editing & Video Games 🥅 Grow My Business, 40k (GF Score) Rep & Play Video Games avatar


Programmer and Airplane Enthusiast.

"You just don't know how AI works" earns you a block. avatar


90's kid, ici on parle principalement de JV récents (Nintendo & PC / Gamepass), de retrogaming, ainsi que de quelques (re)découvertes, que ça soit des films (surtout Disney / MCU) et d'autres choses au gré de mes envies ^^. avatar



Geek. Gamer. Data hoarder. Eldritch Horror hidden in a geeky t-shirt. Canadian. Polite, but says 'cunt' like an Australian. Avid pirate, worships unfathomable space gods that may drive you crazy.

If you see this username on other instances, it's almost certainly me on an alt. is my main home.

Mastodon -

If I own a magazine you want to own/mod, please dm me! I'm im the process of claiming/deleting old unused mags sitting around kbin. avatar


Spanish guy, who likes open source software and has just discovered the fediverse (as of 28th of April, 2022). I like video games, and indie and retro music. I’m a student. I’m officially diagnosed with ADHD and ASD since January, 2023.

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clown. artist. juggler. unicyclist. bagpiper/multi instrumentalist. actor. singer. recovering from my family, fundie christianity, and many years on the circus. married to a nice lady. i like cats, fractals, and music, especially metal. Linux nerd. frustrated leftist in a bluer part of a red US state. i think cars, borders, and money are bad ideas. striving to be antiracist, anticapitalist, antifascist, and anticolonial. i love reading if there's time travel, robots, aliens, wizards, or vampires avatar


no i dont know you ._. avatar


For Amusement Purposes Only.

Changeling poet, musician and writer, born on the 13th floor. Left of counter-clockwise and right of the white rabbit, all twilight and sunrises, forever the inside outsider.

Seeks out and follows creative and brilliant minds. And crows. Occasional shadow librarian.

#music #poetry #politics #LGBTQ+ #magick #fiction #imagination #tech avatar

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Historical fencer, bike packer, friend of the Fae, it's gets complicated.... avatar


Interested in programming, politics (especially local politics), law (especially copyright/patent law).

Nazi's and genocide deniers can fuck right off. For the love of all that isn't evil stop using lemmy and providing genocide deniers power. avatar


I'm the linux techie bird nerd horror aficionado lady your mother warned you about. Pinging cyberspace since the days of legend when modems shook hands and audibly greeted one another.

Certified HTML 4 Coder Proficient in Frames.

If Visual Basic = True Then Jeze = Hip and With it!

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Steam: Jezebelley
Discord: Jezebelley

#linux #foss #tech #computers #gaming #retro

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