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Worth mentioning they don't know if it's mihoyo or the studio that's at fault here. So there could be some corruption going on, the money flowing in the wrong pockets. Do we know of similar complaints from Japanese / Chinese / Korean voice actors?

Boettger weighed in on the situation with a Twitter thread of her own, stating she hasn't been paid in "months," before adding, "Just to be clear, we don't know if this is the fault of the studio, or the game company. But regardless, if the game was union this wouldn't happen."

Of course, ultimately, mihoyo are the ones who have to act here regardless. So even if the issue isn't with them directly, the longer they wait with resolving the problem the more it'll be their fault for inaction anyway.

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Non-union voice actors, they typically did anime dubs and saw game VO as a good chunk of rent. I feel the SAG-AFTRA merger did them dirty.


Not shocking, gaming studios love to screw voice actors over, especially the ones where they just need dubbers for a foreign language game. Hell, dubs in general (in the US at least) love to screw over voice actors. They also love to rush out dubs as cheaply and quickly as possible with very little focus on quality.

Which is why some voice actors sound totally different (and worse) in dubs compared to how they sound in regular native-language english voice acting.

Read that Crunchyroll (a very shady company) fired a voice actor from a main role just because he asked them to consider speaking to a union. Didn't threaten them or join a union, he just asked them to think about maybe allowing their actors to discuss unionization.

It's one of the many reasons why voice actors tell wannabe voice actors to consider another "job". It's not really a career, it's a hobby where you get paid sometimes for most people. To be fair, a lot of actors in general have that problem, but it's generally worse for Voice Actors, I've heard.


Who is their contract with?

Why are they not suing?

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