soyboy77, avatar

Hey, who wouldn’t want a custom console like this courtesy of their kids. :) Better this than them storing tater tots in the disk drive.


Yeah, seriously, I’d absolutely adore this from my daughter.

BertramDitore, avatar

Frankly this makes that incredibly ugly piece of hardware look really cool. I agree though, whoever thinks this is a bad thing definitely shouldn’t have kids.

teft, avatar

Those plates are replaceable plus this looks cool.


They make condoms big enough to fit a PS5?


The logo touching the edge and also being cut off gives me worse anxiety than the crayon.


Looks like the child wants to create.

Buy a shit load of cheap paper and let them have an outlet for their creativity.


But they won’t touch those papers, they will still go to the playstation. lol


Place paper on play station...


I don’t get this. I would love it if my kids did that to my PS5. In fact, I might actually have them do it. Custom PS5 that is made specifically for me sounds awesome…


Also in a few years/decades when you see the drawings it will bring back a flood of memories of when the kid was little.


Yeah… and, especially on the PS5, those panels are removable/replaceable. You can always get news ones.


Right? As long as there are no crayons jammed in the disc slot, game on!

I mean, I would definitely give the kids a talk about not drawing on things that are not meant to be drawn on, but better this than the TV or something.


I have a pretty high end gaming computer with glass sides and they put stickers on it and draw on it. I think it’s fun. They also put stickers all over the inside of my Jeep which remind me of them. They draw on some walls too and sometimes with me alongside since it’s nothing a future coat of paint and primer can’t fix.

Crackhappy, avatar

Having kids changes your feelings on material possessions. This is aimed at people who don’t have kids yet.


Once I assumed that my kid could and would destroy everything that she touched, my outlook on life got a lot better. She’s actually not all that destructive at all, so most of the time I’m pleased with how well she’s doing, and when she does destroy something, I simply acknowledge that the truth I had previously assumed is being confirmed.


I don't have kids and thought it looked cute


What if it was your kid’s friend


Then their parent is buying me new side panels, unless the artwork is good.

RickyRigatoni, avatar

they got side panels with extra cooling vents and RBG. the future of consoles is now.


Damn. Love me some Justice Ruth…

RickyRigatoni, avatar

I don’t know how I messed that up. In my defense I am a silly goose.

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