How to gift a video game if I don't know the platform

Please help!

We are doing an Angel tree gift this year for an 11 year old who asked for video games. Unfortunately, nothing indicates the platform, and I’ve tried and failed to find that out. How best to proceed?

We looked at visa gift cards, but it looks like those don’t always allow you to add them to your console. Would a GameStop gift card be the best option?


You can do an Amazon gift card. Pretty sure they’ll find whatever platform redeem codes they need there.

ampersandrew, avatar

GameStop gift cards probably won't help you if they want the game for PC. There are also a lot of games that you can only buy digitally. Do you know which game you want to get for them? That could narrow it down. Otherwise, you might have to get even sneakier about finding out what platforms they have access to.

GrouchyLady, avatar

FIFA and Madden, which are at least XBox and Playstation I believe. Not sure if they are on PC.

ampersandrew, avatar

Okay, that helps. Both are on PC, but it's unlikely this 11 year old plays them on PC, as this is primarily a game people play on consoles in either case. Both will also have physical versions. If I were a betting man, I'd bet they want the PS5 version, but that's like a 65% chance. I'm not sure what your situation is, but surely you could ask the kid's parents, right? Also FYI, FIFA is the old name for the series, and starting with this year, it now goes by EA Sports FC.

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Gamestop gift card, or a gift card for another large gaming retailer like Target/Walmart/Best Buy.

Visa gift cards can be used at any retailer, but yeah, I’m not sure how that works for online stores like Xbox/PSN/Steam.

I should say too… SOME games are platform specific. So if they’re asking for the new Zelda game, that’s ONLY on the Switch. Makes it easier.


Good point. Did they mention any game titles in particular? We might be able to help sleuth it out.

GrouchyLady, avatar

FIFA and Madden, which are at least XBox and Playstation I believe. Not sure if they are on PC.

jordanlund, avatar

FIFA and Madden have both been made for EVERYTHING, so, yeah, no easy way to run that down.

Go for a $140 gift card because new games are often hitting $70 each.


I’d say a GameStop gift card should be fine, they should be able to buy most games there except for PC games, and if that’s what they’re after they should be able to spend it on a card for Steam, Roblox, epic, etc at GameStop. Same logic should also apply to a visa gift card I would imagine.


Either that or an Amazon gift card


This, Amazon gift cards can be used online to buy any gift cards you want. It’s our go to gift for that reason in our family

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