I’ve been using the fingertip grip when I lay in bed since I ain’t got a proper desk. Otherwise I use more of a palm grip when sitting up and using my mouse on the stand I use to hold my monitor.


Claw… My hands are too goddamn big…


TIL that I have no idea how I hold my mouse, it’s just happens. I suspect I switch style based on what I do.


Never going back


Hello fellow Vertie!

poopsmith, avatar

One of the most comfortable mice out there.


Do you use this mouse for gaming? I love vertical mice for work but never had the courage to try it for gaming


I thought it wouldn’t work and kept the old mouse on standby on my desk for gaming but after a little while it was left gathering dust. It works surprisingly well and finally trained me to use the thumb buttons as the MX Vertical lacks a rocking wheel for back/forward.


How do palm gripper move the mouse down? They use their whole arm? I’ve been told I keep my sensitivity high, as I can cross my entire screen top to bottom and left to right without lifting my hand off the desk. Anything else seems much more tiring.


Pretty much yes but moving your arm by a little isn’t really that hard and can be done without lifting your elbow. I don’t find it tiring even after a full day of usage but maybe I am just used to it.


I’ve never had a setup where my elbow was on the desk. Maybe that’s part of the difference? All very interesting

morrowind, avatar

You move your mouse without moving your arm? Like do you just use your wrist or something?


Just using my fingers. I use a mouse with enough space between my palm and the back of the mouse.

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  • Kase,

    I’ve used it as long as I can remember. Palm grip just feels weirdly… intimate? And I’m no gamer, tho I respect 'em o7


    The fabled hockey puck grip!

    Wahots, avatar

    God, I hated those mice back then. The least comfortable mouse ever. And that was back when I had small hands, lol.


    Well of course that mouse would be too small for a Yeti.


    I always used fingertip with small hands and never thought it was weird. I just figured out maybe it’s because I played piano growing up? It feels more natural to have a C shape with my hand and space between the mouse and my palm.

    BuboScandiacus, avatar

    I never played the piano but I use fingertip too. (I also have small hands btw)


    I use a thumb ball mouse FUCK YOUR GRIPS.


    Trackpoint ftw 😁


    Show me your nipple!


    Love my ergo, only way my mucked up hands can even use the computer anymore.


    I use a finger trackball. I have no idea how that grip fits in here.

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    i plug my motor cortex directly into the USB port


    Palm grip is modeled after charlie kirk hands. My fingers are literally dragging on the table when I grip mine like that.


    I just end up using fingertip because all the good mice are too god damned small, but I’d much rather use palm grip


    I did this for ages fighting with various logitech and microsoft mice, always ended up getting cramps in my mouse hand. Eventually landed on the corsair nightsword a few years ago, very comfortable for a full palm grip, highly recommend. Maybe have a look there.

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    I've never thought about this before, I guess I use fingertip though. I just kinda move the mouse around using mostly my thumb and pinky finger.

    RQG, avatar

    I just realized I don’t know how I hold y mouse.


    I use claw because nothing since the G9x has been big enough to do otherwise

    Rottcodd, avatar

    I guess by that I use fingertip, but I think it'd be more accurate to say that I use palm adapted for big hands.

    The few times that I've had a mouse big enough to palm it without my fingers sticking out too far, that's what I've done, and that's definitely my preference. It's just that the vast majority of mouses are too small for that.


    I have xxxl hands and still use fingertip. Never get tired. I search for small mice. Why would you want to move your whole arm to come towards you/ down on the screens?

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