I tried it and I got wrist pain that I never had from the horizontal mouse

I guess my body is completely set? (been using a normal mouse for many, many hours since I was 10yo)


Thumb ball master race chuckles with amusement as they look down upon this post from Olympus.


I tried a number of those and couldn’t get used to it. I’d get soreness and cramps after the same amount of time but in different locations mostly around the thumb where the skin stretches when you do pistol hands.

In the most recent past I’d been using the elecom huge trackball but it’s not without it’s issues either. I don’t actually recommend elecom they have quality control issues and the deft has the most infuriating mouse wheel. Thumb trackball gave me similar soreness to vertical mouse, and index finger trackball the back of my hand where the fingers attach.

Now I’m using just the steam deck and a Thinkpad laptop lately and those also introduce their own flavour of hand strain after a while.

Apart from the high cost of the hobby, we have reached an era of peak keyboard greatness, but we don’t seem have many immediately apparent custom mouse options. Not that I would have any idea what wouldn’t hurt me physically. Maybe one of the diy keyboards with a built in trackball.


For ergonomics, it’s a great office mouse. But just a heads up you’re clicking horizontally so you slightly move the cursor every time you click. Kinda bad for gaming.


It’s really bad for gaming since the rotation of the wrist restricts the range of motion compared to palm grip standard mouse, never mind claw grip.

dylanTheDeveloper, avatar

How do you grasp it? Do you hold it like a massive cock? A gearstick? A pencil?

Justas, avatar

More like a firearm. Not that I have handled many firearms.


it’s like gripping the pistol-style grip on a rifle. benefit: you’ll use your elbow and arm muscles more in moving it around, placing less stress on the wrist muscles. It’s a much more natural grip.


I use a split keyboard and trackball at work, and I thoroughly enjoy the bafflement of my coworkers when they try to use my computer.


I really wish, they would release a gaming oriented vertical mouse. High DPI sensor, good clicker switches, etc. Right now stuck with my Logitech lift that tops out at 4000 dpi and has mushy switches.


Vertical gaming mice are good in theory, but they’re bad for aim. Since you’re clicking vertically, you actually very slightly move your mouse with each click. It throws off your aim :/

That and I claw grip too hard to ever get comfortable with them. But to each their own.


As a CAD industrial drafter, I approve.


I have a MX Vertical at work and Logi Ergos (both the 570 and a MX Ergo) at home, they are great. Love the battery life of the MX Ergo, I sometimes forget I even have to charge the damn thing. However I did have to change the main buttons in the MX Ergo, the switch were failing and it ended up double clicking


Shame about the polling rate on the vertical, looks very jagged on 144hz+ monitors


Mind if I ask, Where did you shop for the switches


I ended buying Kailh Teal switches on AliExpress. But I also saw Alps switches like the ones Logi uses on eBay


keyboard, with touchpad fallback when it’s absolutely necessary gang


Mmmm. Maybe but what about scrolling. I bet you cant beat my scrollinh accuracy or speed with a keyboard.


PgUp/PgDown when easily possible to use (the webpage/program isn’t crap etc) is very quick. If that doesn’t work, i can probably still outscroll or at least match you with two thumb scroll on the touchpad.

What I’m genuinely not sure about is how healthy touchpaddin’ is on the wrist… but i’ve been doing it for about 25 years without major issues so i guess i at last for used to it.


at least match you with two thumb scroll on the touchpad.

Depends what kind of wheel they’re rollin’. Some, a single flick of the finger is enough to keep it rolling high-speed for a while. Even if you could keep up with that, it would be miserable unless you had momentum settings set to impractical levels.


Oh yes forgot about those fancy bois. Then i’ll just go with the pgup/pgdn argument :)

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Trackpoint gang!


Trackpoints are great, they’re my second choice when I can’t use a trackball for some reason. Unfortunately, it’s basically impossible to design a split keyboard with a trackpoint.


I will buy it but this type of mouse is so expensive for me :(

blargbluuk, avatar

How expensive is it? I bought one for like $30 CAD


Really?? Last time I checked it was around $100. Then, I will think about it. Thanks


Weird that this subject popped up. I was looking into this yesterday. As for cost I found a wired model for 13 bucks Canadian.


I bought a wireless cheap brand one from Officeworks in Australia for $20AUD to see if I liked the form factor.

I did so I ultimately went and bought my Logitech Lift which has been great for study and general use, although I still go for my traditional gaming mouse over it if I’m gaming.

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They aren’t that expensive. There are a lot of good options around $20-$30, even for gaming.




Move the wheel under the thumb. Until then it’s anything but ergonomic.


If I have to move my wrist,l it’s a deal breaker


Yes! The pictured one is a good one too. But currently using the Logitech MX Vertical.

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