Let’s say you walk 10,000 steps a day. That’s $2500 per day. Sounds like a lot right? How long would it take you to become a billionaire? 400,000 days or just under 1100 years. That’s for 1 billion dollars. Bezos is worth 192.4 billion… Billionaires should not exist and the world would be better off if we ate them.


Not for us. We’d be full of gross billionaire flesh. Ew.


You’ve got a point. Maybe we should feed them to tigers or something


According to my quick random search* a normal persons breaths 20k times a day, which equals US$ 1k

In order to achieve that with steps, i would need 4k steps, which is practically nothing

vox, avatar

me who does 600 steps per day on average (with random spikes to 10000)


Bro… You should move around a bit ya know?


You should probably work towards flipping those numbers. Regular 10k, random spikes of 600.


Brother, your quality of life improves massively from walking well every day. Speaking from experience.


But how many more times do you breath IF you’re walking 4k steps a day?


Average breaths per minute is about 15. You’re not breathing much harder just walking than you are sitting around.

Getting 5000 steps a day is trivial for most people who can walk. I average around 7200 and that would get me 650k per year.


Considering my fitness tracker shows I took 121k steps in January, and the average breaths of 12 per minute, I’d have made 30k in January. 5k more than just breathing. Assuming a resting heart rate, breathing faster because of exercise is not a factor I can quantify


Yeah make sure you consider more intensive breathing during the walk/run.

Then the picture will be different.

rustydrd, avatar

🙌 If you’re not hyperventilating during your run, you’re not doing it right 🙌


so it’s about 20% more for walking based on those numbers.

i would definitely take the breathing! there’s been too many times i couldn’t walk, that’s only going to increase as i age.

imagine getting in a bad car crash the day after starting the walking deal, both legs are broken. now, you are broke two ways! it’s like adding insult to injury. that would be the worst feeling in the world.

when it comes down to “enough money to never need to work” vs “enough money to never need to work +20%, with extra risk if you get injured” i’ll take the safe bet every time

spader312, (edited )

That’s true it’ll pay you till the day you die. And any kind of exercise will increase your breath rate


Also, your descendants can keep you hooked up to a ventilator to infinite money glitch.


My time has come. All that time spent on the Power Pad as a kid will finally pay off.


making money by sleeping? Fuck yeah

TimewornTraveler, (edited )

the IRS is a feeble, gutted institution. its task is to collect money from the rich and use it for the public good, but it has become so underfunded and hogtied by the fat cats in power that it can barely do this job.

so, no, the IRS ain’t fuckin watching any of us, and probably won’t have time to ask for your money unless there’s enough of it missing.

and we should start respecting the institution and bring some power back to it so they can at least go for the rich guys not paying.


They just got several billion from the inflation reduction act to actually fix themselves which is why they can finally do our taxes. They are also projected to be able to collect an additional 500 billion from tax evaders into the next decade.


Its* task is


The average person takes ~12 breaths per minute, so the left works out to ~$ 850 if you do absolutely nothing.

Generally, taking more steps will include taking more breaths, as you increase physical exertion, your breaths per minute goes up. It won’t be nearly as much of an increase to make up the difference for the increased value of steps.

Basically, I see this as two distinct paths. Low risk low reward, and higher risk higher reward. On the low risk side is breaths. Even if you become paraplegic, you will continue to earn. It will be less than the alternative in optimal conditions, but it will be earnings for every moment of your life for the rest of your life. On the high risk side, I see that you can very easily outpace the earnings of the alternative by simply being more active. The risk is that you need to keep active to earn. Any lazy days on the couch are going to cost you. Any days ill, bedridden or injured, will cost you.

This splits most into a more communal vs capitalistic view: where more long term thinkers would likely go with breathing, and more short term and capitalistic thinkers will go with steps.

If steps people take their income from those steps and invest wisely, they can secure more long term income, which is a good move, since it not only secures your position, but you can also pass on those benefits to future generations. People picking breath are going to be earning less overall, but continually and depending on conditions, could end up better for it in the long run, especially if they are faced with a disability that prevents them from walking.

Personally, I’d go with breaths. I want stability more than high earnings. My current lifestyle doesn’t lend itself very well to taking many steps per day, so in my current position, I’d probably make more that way. Also the idea that I can make money while I’m sleeping is appealing to me.

A consistent $600-1000 daily would result in more than $200,000/yr on the low end, which is more than double my current salary… In fact nearly triple.

So you’re telling me I can triple my yearly earnings by doing absolutely nothing differently? Sign me up.

Neon, (edited )

more short term and capitalistic thinkers will go with steps

I’m sorry, so Capitalists are thinking short-term?


Ha. Funny.


I probably take 80,000 steps every week just with my job and hiking. Might as well make bank while I do it.


You can also get the most lucrative delivery job ever


Consider that I could choose steps, and then spend a week of 8 hr days on a treadmill and earn enough to buy a house. It would take a couple years of breathing to earn that much.

I can probably make 20 years worth of breathing money in 1 year of walking. Then I can put that money to work for me immediately. That money earns while I sleep too.

Sure, there’s a higher risk, but as someone who’s already fit and active, I would relish the opportunity to continue hiking and pour myself into it to stack a big bank account, then just get on with life building the sort of business I want to build, immediately, with a few million dollars upfront.

And yes, while one could hyperventilate to cheat the breath count, I could also walk 50km in shuffling short steps to earn 40k in a day if I needed it.

I choose steps.

Enkrod, avatar

Breathing is at least 150k a year, that’s more than enough, even after taxes and has me covered when I’m old and can’t go for a walk anymore.

I don’t need more, I’d rather enjoy my quiet time and taking an walk and standing still for a while at a nice vista, enjoying the view. I don’t need the constant chase for money and even more money in my life and the stress of having to keep moving to get even more. When I walk at the beach with my better half, I’d rather think of how nice this is rather than how much this earns me.


Consider this: you can become a multimillionaire within a year of the step option, and have even less stress as you become able to live off investments for the rest of your life. You can even run for charity to have a more fulfilling life if you so choose, it stops being a constant chase for money.

Winning Capitalism is all about investing enough to take care of your needs indefinitely. With the step option, you win, and retain the ability to gain more money if you wish. With breath, you deprive yourself of that option.


I don’t care about “winning capitalism”, I care about living a comfortable life and being able to pursue my hobbies. $150k a year is more than enough, and I don’t have to worry about investment bullshit, it’s just guaranteed constant income. As long as I’m alive, I’ll be breathing, that’s 100% guaranteed. Winning the stock market is not guaranteed, and being able to use my legs for the rest of my life is also not guaranteed.


Winning the stock market is guaranteed unless society collapses just by investing in a broad market fund. You don’t worry, you just make money. 150k is not enough in many cities to have a family, unfortunately, and you also can’t run for charity.

You don’t need to use your legs after the first bit. You get in shape, and then you have well over 150k, not losing to inflation with no raises ever again. You’re done.


$150k per year for the rest of my life would be way more than enough for me and the lifestyle I want to live. I currently make less than that, but still have enough to invest and donate to charity, so this would be just a straight, guaranteed upgrade with zero changes to my current life.

I understand that I could make more with the steps option, but I’d be thinking about it. Any time I was off my feet, I’d be thinking to myself, “I’m missing out on money right now”, and I don’t want to have that nag for the rest of my life. Give me the no-work, no-change, fully automatic upgrade over the steps option every day of the week.


it’s funny how many armchair money managers we have here who want to give up huge passive income in order to… have more money to invest and eventually get passive income.

how much would an annuity that pays $150k/yr cost for somebody in their 20s or 30s? I can’t imagine it being less than $10 million. probably more like $50 million. so the logic is give up $10-$50 million in value, for the opportunity to maybe make it up in the long run, while hoping you never get injured or debilitated…


3.75 million dollars in a high yield savings account right now pays 150k per year, at a rate of 4% annually. Investing in the broad market pays 6%ish per year after adjusting to inflation.

You can make multiple millions off of intentionally jogging per year, which pretty much debunks your point. Yes, breathing is more passive, but will lose to inflation compared to what you can gain comparatively immediately with steps.


Someone did the math. It’s $315,000 not $150.000. So plenty to live on and still have some left for investment.

As for winning capitalism: capitalism is a travesty that’s killing both people and the planet. I would rather people stop talking about winning such a system - there are truly no victors. To be the victor in capitalism is to be a cell of a tumor that slowly kills its host; you only live until you finish killing the host or the host fights back. We should kill and consume those responsible for capitalism like macrophages consume cancer.


Oh there are Victors, the only real chance at liberation a Proletarian can have is to either end Capitalism itself, or join the bourgeoisie. At least if you have a ton of money, you can donate to strike funds.


The issue here is capitalism will destroy the environment so you won’t have anywhere to go eventually, at least if you’re not a billionaire. This is what I mean about killing the host, the bourgeoisie are slowly killing society and the planet.


Also keeps you in shape!


Per 525,600 minutes per year

Per 12 breaths per minute for an adult (which you should be for the mind cesspool that is the internet)

525,600 minutes by 12 by $0.05 is $315,360.00 per year.

Breathing is at least 150k a year

I decry you as needs improvement at maths.


mf just OFSTED inspected my dude

Enkrod, avatar

is at least


yeah uh, let me just double check these figures… yes, that’s absolutely correct! 300k is more than 150k, and therefore the person who needs remedial mathematics is not GP.


I am old enough (and was a theatre geek as a kid) to know the number of minutes in a year without needing Wiki…

…Thanks, Rent.


How do you measure, measure a year?




Cups of coffee?


My exercise induced asthma says fuck you to either choice I make.


Cashier: You are 5 dollars short

You: starts hyperventilating


Steps. It’s less money, but will probably lead to a better quality of life overall.


It’s actually several times more money, especially if you actively pursue it.


Oh really? I guess I hadn’t thought it through. I really like jogging, so figured it would be a nice motivation. Hell maybe make working out my job


Unless you make millions a year, jogging should absolutely be your job. You can make over 5k a day like this and retire in a couple years, forever.


Alright you’ve talked me into it. Where do I sign?


Let me know when you find out!


The left is already 600 Bucks a day. This is sufficient money. Hence the right should never be chosen. Greed is not always good. If you can have enough forever vs. More + downside/condition you should always choose the easy out.


It forces you to get in shape and you can start running to raise money for charity.

at_an_angle, avatar

I work out, and my job is fairly physical.

Averaging 15,000 steps on work days and 10,000 on off days.

So 95,000x0.25= $23,750 a week. $1.2M a year.

I’m taking the steps.


The recommendations for health is 5,000 to 10,000 steps per day, which is $1,250 to $2,500 per day.

While the first is better on the case of unexpected disability, the second is probably going to lead to a better life overall.


According to my watch I average 14,000 steps a day. I pace nonstop though. I can’t stand to stop moving.


I am torn by this comment. The Internet says we take something like 20,000 breaths a day which is $1000 a day. Like you said that is plenty of money and you will collect it until the day you die.

On the other hand walking 10k steps a day is 1.5x that, and I get on average more than 10k steps a day, but I don’t make money while I am asleep or if I am on a cruise or a plane, or if I hurt myself and can no longer walk.

Maybe what id do is take the steps, run enough in a couple months to have a sizeable seed investment and then put it in the market and then just live. Never look at or care about additional my walking money and just live my life like I want.


That’s the correct answer. Get in shape, invest that money, then live as you want. Breathing forces a passive income that you can’t take as much advantage of.

basxto, avatar

What will you do when you get old?


Live off investments, the same exact thing I’d do within a year or two of getting the step superpower. You can become a multimillionaire easily with steps within a year, save up enough and you can live extremely comfortably forever, with far more money than just breathing can get you mathematically.

It really is simple. You can get far more money far faster with steps, so do that, build up the nest egg, then you’ve won the game of life. If you do breathing, you can’t get nearly as much money.

You can then run purely to raise money for charity, strike funds, whatever you want. You stop running to earn more for yourself and it becomes volunteer work. It keeps you in shape and healthy for longer.


Haha what a deep thought experiment from a shitpost


Its really just the same financial strategy everyone is already trying to reach, just far easier, haha.


True! The only way to not be a wage slave is to have enough investment income to live off of. I am never gonna get there unless I start playing the lottery but it is fun to wish for.

FlyingSquid, avatar

How is this so relatable

  • Choose steps
  • Don’t pay taxes on them
  • Taxman wants money
  • I run away
  • Taxman chases me
  • Each step I run, I owe more money

I can do anything when I’m breathing. Walking kind of puts everything else on hold.

Breathing would give me enough money. I’d choose it to be able to be free from any obligations.


Standing desk + treadmill. It’s easy to go for an hour or two


Become a millionaire with 1 year of getting in shape, then you can be free of obligations and stay in shape. Steps wins.

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