Obviously horrible and everything……. But why dough?


It’s edible


O Fae lord, please take away my ability to read, since one second before I witnessed this comment.

MinekPo1, avatar

honestly , while I believe this is random=funny, I think it is interesting to interpret:

I believe that the person is a transmasc individual , who had a supportive grandma , but she died and he has been sent to conversion therapy by his unsupportive parents

sneezycat, avatar

Who calls conversion therapy “therapy”? It’s like calling alternative medicine “medicine”, what a way to misguide people into believing they are the same thing.

Also if the grandma was supportive, she wouldn’t need to make them wear a clay cock to have a grandson. They’d be her grandson regardless.

I respect your headcanon but this sounds more like she’s a girl and grandma wanted a boy, and she had therapy for that.

MinekPo1, avatar

I mean yeah it is very overblown , sorry I did not make it clear


Champions of missing the joke in this comments section


Do please enlighten us oh great and mighty Whooshmaster, master of Whoosh!


Grandma wanted a grandson. Forced granddaughter to mascquerade as a guy.

When card declined, this trauma is reinstilled


One of things that happened of all time .


Wtf did I just read?

wesker, avatar

… what?


Based off of the meme:

Asian grandma wanted a grandson but got the granddaughter pictured. Apparently the grandmother made a phallus out of bread dough and asked their granddaughter to wear it like a strap-on to imitate a grandson. This caused them trauma and to seek therapy. Their grandma died. Then during therapy their card was rejected for being maxed out, so the therapist brought the grandma and the bread pp back from beyond the grave to undo the therapy she couldn’t pay for.

What part of that wasn’t clear?


Thanks Peter!


My guess is the pp was some kind of traditional “fertility amulet” for granddaughter to have a son of her own.

Which, still weird AF on multiple levels, but also believable gram-gram stuff.

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