Also, at least 27 percent of bears shit in the woods.

I mean what other choice is there? The way US elections are designed (electoral college, distribution of state representatives, re-drawing local districts on whims, unlimited amount of money being able to be poured into campaigns without any oversight or even reporting requirements, etc.,) voting for a third party is throwing your vote away. So you vote for the lesser evil. Unless you are so brainwashed as to vote against your own self-interest out of fear of the other side.

Banzai51, avatar

One of these guys is promising to go dictator, eliminate democracy, and seek retribution against those that “wronged” him. Not hard to see why so many are committed to voting against him.

This poll isn’t the knock against Biden that many think it is.


no one is as pro-biden as they are anti-trump

on the other hand, pro trump people think he’s the literal messiah and would eat their own shit at his command

einkorn, avatar

In a voting system such as the US its the natural outcome that you vote against the guy you don’t want but not for the person you want.

CGP Grey did a fantastic video series on YouTube about different systems for voting.


Yeah I mean same in the uk tbh - it’s an artefact of the incredibly shit first past the post ‘voting’ ‘system’

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