If you could play one game for the first time all over again, what would it be?

(Saw this question asked on another popular link aggregation website and it got me thinking)

If you could play one game for the first time all over again, what would you choose? This might be because you want to do it all again, or because you don’t think you got enough out of it the first time. It could be experiencing the game exactly as you were back then, or experiencing a game with what you know now.

For me, it’s Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, experienced exactly as I was back in 1991.

Nothing comes close to how jaw-droppingly amazed I was by that opening sequence. The epic orchestral score, the cinematic rainstorm, creeping around in the dark… it was a generational leap above anything I’d played on 8-bit computers and consoles, and even the Megadrive. I’d love to play it again without thirty plus years of Nintendo/Zelda knowledge, or without knowing about the dark world.

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The Witness

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Probably Fallout New Vegas (if that even counts as retro yet). I’ve played it to death ever since it came out and can’t even remember the first time I completed it.

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I think this is a tie between Bloodborne and Panzer Dragoon Saga. Absolute masterpieces, both. I replay both of them at least once a year, but it would be wonderful to go back in fresh.


Panzer Saga is excellent, though I’d love to have played it on release instead of years later.


For pure amount of enjoyable play hours: Skyrim, hands down.

For emotional/philosophical impact: Either Journey or SOMA. Both had a big impact mentally for me.


I wish I could experience Portal for the first time again.


one game I didn’t see in the whole thread: A story about my uncleWhile not necessarily my pick, that game is beautiful storytelling and I recommend it to everyone.


Dark Souls 1

Part 2, 3 and not even elden ring did manage to reach the same athmosphere and i mainly atribute it to leveldesign: Dark souls 1 is an apocalypse brought about the fact that every last being is slowly but surely driven insane before losing any semplence of self altogether and bekome huskless zombies. And the world is reflecting this: It’s like a surealist painting. When you zoom in very far everything makes sense, ther is a wall and a medieval city and beneath is some sewers, but when you zoom out the city is actually in front of the wall, but then you are on top of the wall which is kinda acting like an entrance the the next area and not like a wall at all. In the other directen you go down the sewer, but then drop into a hole to be on top of a wall again with another city beneath you. And you can go even further down, either to a hell like environment to yet another city even lower, or throug a giant dead tree to come out on a beach with a clody sky above which absolutly does not make any topological sense at all. And yet this map is intricatly interconnected with several passages and elevators. Not from me: It’s like with the first flame fading it’s not the dead rising, but time and space itself is collapsing, that’s why you can’t die, that’s why other players can be summoned to your world, and that’s why the whole world, while still being connected, makes no sense at all.

Also 2nd choice: Obligatory: “Spec Ops: The Line”

If you haven’t played it yet: Do it without reading any Spoilers.


Neverwinter Nights


OMG yes. Even if it’s with the same pirated copy that crashed on a specific spot every time. What a cool game.


I was so gutted when NWN 2 ran at only 2-3 FPS on my wine configuration - to this date I haven’t played it - so I guess I still have something to look forward to! :)


Did you play the Penultima mods? Very nicely done campaign!


No! And now I want to! Thanks for the suggestion.


you are welcome - I have had a similar valuable suggestion here, hearing for the first time about a Duke3D mod: Alien Armageddon - this thread has been quite rewarding so far :)


Skyrim. After 200 hours, you start becoming really aware of the “seams” and the clunkiness of the Creation Engine. Although, while you’re still working your way through the quests, and every stat isn’t at 100 yet, it’s pure pure pure bliss. To have that original feeling back. Gah!


Dwarf Fortress was an amazing experience the first few times when you had no idea what to expect or do. My fortress designs have become much more boring (even if efficient) since, and I’m just unable to do the sort of artistic weirdness that happened during the first games.

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Dwarf Fortress is an experience, it’s really something else


Probably Pathologic 2, assuming I’d retain my fondness towards it.

On my way to completing my first playthrough, I had to spend at least 2 months warming up to the game and actually going through the first hour, after which it was absolutely amazing. I’m still replaying it once a year due to how much I love it.


Oh man… I would love to experience Zork again for the first time. 😊

“West of House

You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.

There is a small mailbox here.”


Morrowind but it wouldn’t matter because I don’t have enough time to get immersed in it anymore.


Silent Hill 2

I’ve replayed that game so many times but the first playthrough hits different


A link to the past is my top Zelda game for sure.

… Have you ever tried the randomizer for it? It will give you a rom where all the items are randomly distributed around the map, making you do the whole sequence out of order.

I will play though a random Rom one a year or so and it’s a blast.


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Randomizers are a new breath of life for a lot of old games. One that has a special place in my heart is FF6 Worlds Collide but there are many, many others, there’s a guy who curates this awesome list with hundreds of games :)

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