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I code stuff. I draw stuff.
Splatoon 3 ☂ main, vector artist, Minecraft modder
Hongkonger 🇭🇰 香港人
19 he/him/whatever

Streaming on Twitch every day at 14:00 UTC!

Art-only account: avatar


Hello, my name is Cris. :) avatar

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Fresh water fish. Likes streams, lakes, and walks on the beach (may eat flies, rarely). avatar



i am a person who has too many fedi accounts avatar


Originally joined the fediverse on 29/11/2022 on @experiencersinternational, moved to Lethal Lava Land on 21/07/2023 but didn't officially migrate followers etc until 20/10/2023.

I make YouTube videos mostly around Nintendo stuff at the moment, and I'm from the UK. I also was a beta tester for about a month for Roblox's Plugin Marketplace before it went public.

I have an alt at @exp (thanks @frost for allowing me to exist)

I've started requiring follow requests. It's purely just to filter out spam mostly 😄, most people will be accepted.

🕰️ GMT (UTC+0)
👤 he/him (not trans, any pronoun is fine)
🎮 PAL: [Nintendo Switch (potentially v1), Wii U 8G, 3DS XL, GBC, GB, PS4 Slim], NTSC-U: [DSi XL Mario 25th anniversary edition]

I run ​:ssquid:​ @splatoon, an unofficial Splatoon news account for squids and octopi across the fediverse. I also run @crossing, an Animal Crossing companion for all those people living their best island (or town) life.

Follow me on Pixelfed at @experiencer.

See my verified profiles:

#fedi22: #gaming #nintendo #roblox #youtube #gamedev #splatoon #robloxdev #splatoon3 avatar


Foss addict with a knack of forgetting to learn how to code avatar


A transgender, socialist, librarian. Joined here for the Destiny sub…Lemmy? The Destiny part of this place.

Mainly at else I’m at: avatar


(She/her) Just a gal who likes games, movies, tea, and vibing. Likes long walks in the forests. avatar


I run 16 Bit Virtual Studios. You can find more reviews from me on YouTube or other social media @16bitvirtual, and we sell our 3D Printed stuff on avatar


I'm 24, Big fan of cool open source stuff. Generally queer, he/him. Splatoon 3 AoE player (mostly range blaster, explo, dread wringer and slosher) Android customization nerd, and maker of D&D terrain. avatar


Queer tiefling fire witch avatar


I'm 24. Big nerd. Big fan of cool open source stuff. Generally queer. He/him

In splatoon 3 I play mostly aoe- range blaster, slosher, dread wringer, explosher, sloshing machine and rapid pro. I also have some experience on dualies and certain splatlings.

I make D&D terrain for my friend's campaign, and I enjoy mending clothes and customizing my phone's home screen ☺️

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