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Help with watch not working (

Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this watch? I had seen a video that said it was likely that Center screw being loose so it wouldn’t wind, but even after tightening that it won’t start ticking. Bought some simple tools and I’m willing to mess with it (I believe it was a cheap watch) I just have no clue what to do.

Need help identifying this watch (

I got this watch from a flea market in Beijing over the summer. It’s a Russian/Soviet wind-up mechanical model likely from the 90s, as the watch face says “50 victory years” and the outer year/day of week dial goes from 1992-2012. The back cover has “950” in small etched numbers while the inside parts are etched with...

[Nodus] Sector Pilot Phantom (

I celebrated one year at my new job by buying a watch from my wish list. This Nodus watch has great build quality, and I really like the design sense. I’ve always liked dials with bold arabic numerals, and I appreciate how they preserved symmetry by placing the day and date at 6 o clock. Build quality is excellent, with finely...

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