damn, where the marksmanship at?? Authoritarians everywhere getting brave and bold, almost time to remind them what happens when the rest of us pick up arms against the nazi/adjacent fucks


Last time we bombed them into the stone age. Maybe we send them back. It’s impressive they still have the balls I’ll give them that.


Huh, I wonder if murdering 20% of their population could inform their current hostility towards the US and its puppet states.

Nah, must just be that they’re bad evil authoritarians who don’t like freedom democracy.


What if they really are just evil authoritarians who don’t like freedom and democracy? There is a reason they were bombed into the stone age in the first place. That reason is because they were evil communists who don’t like democracy. They messed with our “puppet state” and they found out quickly why it was a bad idea. The puppet state now prospers because democracy is the best.


If north Korea invades south Korea its not like they’re gonna kill any kids.



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I believe it’s a reference to Korea’s plummeting fertility rate, which currently sits at the lowest birth rate in the world, at less than 1 child per woman.


Yea the fact that you had to spell that out is troubling in this community


“The situation at that time was that the DMZ was now overgrown with trees and the MDL mark was not clearly visible,” Lee said.

“There was no road, and the (North Korean soldiers) were moving through the bushes, and we were observing (them) even before they got close to the MDL,” Lee said.

“We believe that they did not intend to invade, considering that they immediately moved northward after the warning broadcasts and warning shots.”


They should have been shot. North Korean soldiers have previously used such incursions to plant land mines on patrol routes.



Sure is brave of you to call for escalations of war an ocean away.


Sure is compassionate of you to be concerned for the lives of men fighting to oppress their own people under a brutal dictatorship.


Yes, it is compassionate to oppose a war. Even if you personally don’t feel one side is human, you must understand that both sides are going to suffer massive casualties right?

And even if you don’t consider either side human, you know we spend billions on keeping South Korea militarized right? We’re still paying for that war in rotting infrastructure and schools even if it’s not our blood being spilled.

Then again, if I had a nickle for every time I heard someone extol how much they care for the Ukrainian people also say that the war is a wonderful way to kill Russians without spilling a drop of American blood, I’d be able to afford a house. I suspect that you don’t care about either side’s people or your own beyond how their lives can be spent to defend western hegemony.


Yes, it is compassionate to oppose a war.

It is not compassionate to support a brutal dictatorship.

Even if you personally don’t feel one side is human

Nice strawman you started building, it’s a shame you stopped half way.

And even if you don’t consider either side human

Another half attempt at finishing your strawman?

you know we spend billions

You’re making a lot of assumptions here.

keeping South Korea militarized right?

If only they didn’t have a brutal dictatorship next door.

We’re still paying


I suspect that you don’t care about either side’s people

It only took you three paragraphs to complete your strawman! Congrats you did it.

defend western hegemony.

Cry about it tankie scum.


Opposing war doesn’t equate to supporting a dictator.

You literally have no argument.


Allowing aggression to go unchecked is the opposite of opposing war - it literally encourages more.


Opposing war doesn’t necessarily equate to pacifism, either.

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Yes it does, when the war you’re opposing is one intended to bring consequences to a dictator. Unopposed dictators continue to dictate and empower other dictators. You don’t stop a bully by turning the other cheek. That just gets you punched in both sides of the face. You stop a bully by bringing them consequences to their actions. When there are no consequences, the actions continue.

If you’d like to read more about this, please check into the entirety of human history.


Literally nowhere in any of my responses have I alluded to me being an absolute pacifist. In fact, one of my replies implies that I’m not, I’m just against war (because, you know, it’s fucking atrocious for all involved), because you can absolutely oppose the act of war while still being down for some violence yourself.


My argument is they should have been shot.

The weak little dictator isn’t going to get into a shooting match with the South over a couple of dead soldiers.

If you think they will then you know nothing of the history.


killing two soldiers doesn’t solve anything. They should invade north korea and fill it with a thousand McDonalds. Its the only way to restore freedom™


The user they’re replying to is a tankie. Dictator support is baked into the ideology.

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Like bickering children


Oh hell no, we don’t need THREE major active conflicts!


Three??? Pssssshhhhh, those are rookie numbers son! Yo Mexico! Canada! Lets throw hands! Fuck it!


Basically the man-child that runs that place sees others getting attention and got jealous.


That would be 4, no?

  • Myanmar
  • Ukraine
  • Palestine
  • Korea
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Sudan is pretty globally involved right now. Does Myanmar have foreign backing too?


Not that I know of. I understand you wouldn’t consider it a major conflict, in this regard.


Myanmar? Did I miss some news?


The country has been in civil war since the army forcefully took power.

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