I like to ask a variety of questions, sometimes silly, serious, and/or strange. Never asking in an attempt to pester or “just asking questions” stuff.

I’m generally curious and/or trying to get a sense of folks’ views.

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Sega "Gold Cartridge" in Master System

Hi, I’m looking for info on the compatibility of the “Gold Cartridge” with regards to the Master System. I was looking at one of these and it says on the box that it’s made for the Mark III and Master System. However, the form factor is different than other Master System cartridges, and it’s also nothing like a Sega...


Were you looking at one of them online, or offline in a shop? If the former, do you have a link that might help ensure one’s on the same page?


Perhaps a transition to a not-for-profit organization structure might be what folks would prefer? It seems like a potentially better alternative than going public, but I’m not sure how it might work in practice for something like a digital storefront.

In a weird way, one could almost argue that’s roughly how Valve’s been operating anyway, except I imagine they’ve been lining their pockets more than a not-for-profit organization’s owners/employees do.

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