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Hamas Wants Guarantees Ceasefire Will Actually Happen, While US Says Hamas Is Rejecting the Proposal (

Following the UN Security Council vote to approve a three-phase ceasefire in Gaza, U.S. officials and other international allies of Israel are cynically placing blame on Hamas for a stall in current ceasefire negotiations — even as Israel has insisted on indefinitely continuing its massacre in Gaza and Hamas has said its main...


You take credibility advice from an organization that proudly identifies itself as right of CBS News and The Weather Channel?

Isn’t that a little bit biased?

If you think the article is lying, say so. Don’t hide behind the ‘impartiality’ grift.


AFAIK the Economist’s Democracy Index and the Human Development Index use methodologies and statistical methods generally respected by social science.

Ad Fontes is a grift posing as a public interest institution to re-package the horseshoe theory and sell it back to gullible people for $500 memberships while promising institutions greater ad revenue if they play along with the con. It’s another tool of the consent manufacturing industrial complex. Are you even aware of their methodology? It’s a joke.


Is this what you’re talking about? Is AGPL controversial now?

When did Louis “Right to Repair” Rossmann become the bad guy?

Five,’s criticisms and tone are valid, but it looks FUTO has taken down their ill-advised license page and are using an unmodified AGPL.

I’m struggling to assign malice here; Louis is a hardware guy, and not every software person is really up on what distinguishes free software from freeware. FUTO seems like a pretty small shop; I’d give them a pass on this one.

Five, (edited )

In my experience, people aren’t taking the idea seriously enough. People are happy to geek out about electric cars and solar panels, but degrowth, despite the broad political consensus on the overwhelming evidence for its necessity, is still regarded as fringe.

Agreeing on goals is often a larger obstacle than finding solutions. How many leftists who were responsible for building sewers were sanitation engineers? Do you think they had a fleshed-out building codebook and peer-reviewed waste management proposal before they acquired political power? Or was that the easy part, compared to building a political coalition powerful enough to tax rich people who were fine with running sewage down the middle of the streets of working-class neighborhoods?


TIL that Trump’s Russian patronymic name is Fredovych.


They served him at his birthday party. The warrant officer even sang him happy birthday 😆

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