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Sega has so many hit and misses that it’s hard to be excited.

Going to guess:

  • New sonic that this time, they absolutely positively listened to fans
  • A Yakuza game or total war game.
  • Some old series revival, but not exactly what fans want. Like reviving Virtual Fighter, but as a mobile game.

Well ackshawlly…(PCmasterrace smug) BG3 was in early access and playable for PC gamers since last year.

But seriously - the early access was content rich, but it was pretty buggy. I took am glad I waited for the full release.


This is like a random list.

There’s hades. There’s vampire survivors. There’s FTL.

Those are radically different games.

Would have been better to call it a list and broke it into subgenres.


Flip it. AAA studios are great for small Indies because a AAA will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to make a lackluster game. And a small indie team can take a few of those good ideas into something really cool without the overhead.


I remember reading a review where they said the puzzles were so incredible. They gave an example of Link shooting down a hanging ladder to proceed.

It sounds so basic today.

But I remember fantasizing about how amazing the future of gaming is.


All the “doom-clones”, or boomer shooters (which I hate that title).

Some not named in the comments - Serious Sam 4, Painkiller, Blood.


Bought this game a week ago. That mix of dark material and obnoxiously cute, all of the religious materials, and the really strong game loop is really good!


Makes me sad when people say that.

Indie games can’t compete with many big budget games. How many Starfield ads were on TV? How many Lies Of P, Modern Warfare 3, Hogwarts Legacy social media ads did you see?

When a small studio hits a flash of lightning, I love when they go out to uplift other indie games. Instead, haters shit on them because they got popular?


Hot take but until I see gameplay, I really don’t care what the story is.

Great story elevates a great gameplay loop.

But a great story isn’t going to help a game that’s broken in a thousand places.

So hearing from writers before I even see a game? Don’t really care.


I kinda find PC Gamer to be irrelevant. Same as IGN and Kotaku.

Extremely hot take: I rather read through the uninformed shitty ai generated gamerant articles.


Really hating these no context video drops.

A quick Google search.

Portal: Revolution is a fan-made mod for Portal 2 which plays before the events of Portal 2 in the dead and decaying Aperture facility. MECHANICS.


Base building and space ship building has definitely evolved!

Unfortunately, there’s ZERO REASON to do any of it.

Even worse, newgame+, which IS required for the full Starfield experience, wipes all of your creations. What a incredibly mind boggling game decision.


Bethesda hasn’t released the official mod kit yet.

So all the mods have been hacks/workarounds that worked for prior creation engine games.


I didn’t think the lack of space exploration would bother me so much.

But after playing the Pirate quest and just fast traveling over and over, my immersion broke and realized how little I’m really traveling.


Every planet has at least 10 bases filled with pirates or mercenaries.


The sad part is that Microsoft pulled the original 2022 release to fix a lot of the bugs.

So really the updates have to be pretty impactful.

I’m still optimistic, because fallout 76 did finally get there!


I’m a huge Bethesda fan and I absolutely love everything bethesda.

I can unfortunately say that many people will not be impressed with this showing. Outside of a few key characters, most NPCs are forgettable. Most quest designs are basic, and some are outright stupid - like some stranger just giving you the keys to unlock everything.

Skyrim has so much storytelling and “oh wow” moments.

You might find 5-6 of them in the 100+ hours you play. Not to say that won’t change in the future.


Not a humble brag but I got about 4000 Steam games. Most from bundles, and I also have a 10+ yo account.

About 1000 of them are Steam Deck ready. And there’s a bunch of old school games that just do better on a portable device, like those JRPG games.

So I hope they continue their speed of fixes to make that number shrink!


Standard COD story.

Piss off the CoD bros for a year or two. Then release something that they like. CoD, Fifa and Madden are the most abused playerbase who just keep coming back.


I’m super confused at this narrative trying to say 16 months is “short”.

As if time === quality.

Hell, lots of games only have a year before launch.

It’s totally more about treating this DLC like a full game.


What if we make all the characters 14yo? Will it be acceptable then?


Origin story to include a love interest with pyramid lady, who was stolen from him from Circle Man.


If they didn’t stop from abusive micro transactions, half-ass launches, mocking players about mobile phones, overworked devs, a sexist frat boy culture, women leaving over sexual abuse, or a employee who committed suicide (!)… then nothing will.


I watched this series since it first started like 15 years ago and it’s hit a bunch of low points. Yet it keeps generating money.


I feel like the whole “fans deserve better” was what people said seven releases ago. They just been failing upwards and seeing how badly they can treat players and get away with it. And apparently, it’s a lot!

Here's what a random person on the internet thought of The Outer Worlds (lemmy.world)

I played the Steam version of the base game, with no DLC. I did not play the Spacer’s Choice “remaster” as it has a reputation for being broken and poorly put together. I played the game to completion on normal difficulty, completing most of the side quests, spending time with all my companions, and trying to get the most...


Reading through this and the other comments made me remember how much I think the New Vegas Team really would do better just working off of Bethesda’s engines. Bethesda tends to do weak storytelling, where Obsidian struggled with a bunch of things in the Outer Worlds.

I would love if they did a “Starfield: New Vegas” and fill in each others weaknesses.


I did not know that. Thank you for the clarity.


I didn’t understand the Hitman games at all.

Then I played the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy. It’s fantastic.

I’ll buy anything from that studio now.


Maybe the interest would be better if the story wasn’t rushed garbage.

And for those who say story quality doesn’t matter… BG3 is another reminder.

Would you prefer if games had a separate difficulty setting for boss fights?

I usually play games on “normal” difficulty these days, for a balanced challenge. However, I don’t particularly enjoy boss fights, or at least I don’t enjoy the extra challenge associated with them. Was thinking it would be nice if games had a separate setting so I could just set boss fights to “easy”, while not...


Around 2010, I remember this game studio sharing a innovative technique of game design where as people failed a boss battle, the game would slowly make the battle easier.

Some companies ran with it. Nintendo gives you extra help if you die multiple times in a level. Where some studios do it more behind the scenes. For example - giving you a bit more ammo. Or slowing the boss down a little more. I can’t remember the game, but they have a feature where a boss can’t one-shot you. And they give you more of that buff the more you die, so it “feels fair”.


The best part is… You’d never know!

A lot of these are only known years later, with devs sharing game design stories.


I grew up in that era.

I probably dedicated 1000 hours playing the same 4-5 NES games.

I remember playing the original Zelda with self-impose challenges like get hit and start over. I had so much time to kill.


I got a $45 food stipend for lunch once. My lunch cost $30 (it was lunch AND dinner) and then tipped the restaurant $15.

I’m using 100% of it.


It’s wild that cyberpunk went from a shit release state to finally playable in two years thanks to devs working extremely long hours. And their reward, potentially being fired.


Am I confused - Starfield does have this? Not to this extent. There’s a few scenarios where your persuasion check bypasses a quest or two.

But – I seriously think this is the wrong takeaway. BG3 made a stronger game because it went a mile deep. Starfield is extremely shallow.

I tried over 20 Steam Next demos so that you don't have to!

And I’ve rated them all below. I’m very glad Steam decided to do a big promotional event around them- it helped point me toward a lot of games I would have never tried/heard of otherwise. Some of the good ones might not be good the entire game, but they were at least good in the demo....


Hard disagree.

People should have spicy takes. I love when someone goes, “I don’t like Dark Souls because it’s too hard.” Or “Not a fan of gore so Doom isn’t for me”. It tells me more about the writer and seeing their perspective.

There’s enough annoying fanboys out there. If I wanted a tamed review, Ill go read some gaming blog thats too afraid to piss off their advertisers.


OP, really appreciate your write up and going through each game!

Just reading your minicivilization review makes me both excited and scared for my time.


Me too. I look forward to finally experiencing the trailer of the demo in 4-18 years.


Summary: he doesn’t want to work on it because then he’ll know how the sausage is made and can’t enjoy it.

Totally understandable


Far cry 2 had it’s faults, sure. But it was a game not afraid to embrace the chaos.

My favorite unscripted gaming moment ever was I was driving past a outpost, having enemies shoot my jeep to hell. I returned fire, only for my gun to jam. I run behind a rock, my ai partner is down. I fix my gun and return fire when suddenly, malaria kicks in. God damn it not now. I’m panicking. I need to save my partner. Suddenly, FIRE. Some enemy threw a Molotov and its catching the brush fire.

I retreat even even farther while everything is on fire, everything is going to shit, my partner screaming. Kaboom. My jeep explodes and the gunfire stop. The idiots set fire to everything and accidentally caused a explosion to my vehicle - and their stupid bodies all charred up next to it. I manage to pick my partner up, patch ourselves up, looted the bodies and continue the hike.

We didn’t even start a mission yet. We were on the way TO a mission.


Run by the fine folks at www.roguelike.club.

It’s a group of volunteers who set up the event, find speakers, and really support this once former niche back when every rogue-like game was in ASCII. Now many games embrace rogue-like features.

Many indie dev speakers. Lots of nerdy things.

Highly recommended!


It’s mid october. There’s like 2.5 months left in 2023.

Really showing the world gamers arent “kneejerk instant gratification babies” huh?


The old Warcraft 3 is a stretch.

I don’t expect a game from 2002 to still have a official fully working multiplayer component.

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