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He fucking love the product! He told me so himself!


I kinda do since this is expressly a community for literally anything, which includes political memes, but ok. I will after this one.


Yeah, that’s a better idea. They’re not the boss of me now and furthermore they’re not so big.


Nah, the short form is Boo, which she and Perjury Greene reminded their colleagues of rather enthusiastically during that one State of the Nation address (pictured)


Oh man, the amount of time I wasted on that stupid Facebook game… Good times 😄


Chilling alone while attention seeking online > performing on stage > interacting in person with your best friend only > being eaten alive by ants > interacting in person with one stranger > interacting in person with multiple people you know well


🎵 Straight Jean is not my pants! She’s just some denim that says I am the one but the jorts are not my son! 🎵


Don’t know whether to upvote for the comic being funny or downvote for the “you’re not having fun the right way!” lecture…

Ah fuck it, I’ll do the former.


And that’s absolutely fine. You’re allowed to not enjoy stuff. Lecturing others for enjoying stuff together without hurting anyone, on the other hand, is just petty and authoritarian fun policing in my opinion, though 🤷


Whoa, where’d you dig up that gigantic strawman??

If you check my history, you’ll find that I’m very much in favor of common sense regulation where needed and the only people I call fascists are actual fascists like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Others posting a meme you don’t like anymore isn’t destroying Lemmy. Please stop being an overdramatic wet blanket and just let people enjoy their jemes until they too get tired of them and move on to the next thing.

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

In related news, today would have been the 58th 56th birthday of composer Giachino Rossini (1792-1868)

Edit: corrected to account for 1800 and 1900 not being leap years


Yeah, better to go for someone like former cricket player Gavin Stevens (b 1932) who turns 23 today!


Damn, you’re right. I didn’t know about the 400 rule lol. Gonna edit to reflect that


First they came for the muslims and conservative Christians fucked around and cheered so hard they jizzed in their jorts.

Then they started finding out.


I know you’re being sarcastic but yeah, it actually is for a lot of people who’ve been told all their life that they’re better than everyone else because they blindly follow and obey the rules and indirect demands of The One True God and everyone who doesn’t is by definition a wretched sinner, maybe even subhuman.

I’m not saying that it’s most Christians (or even most conservative Christians) or that it’s in any way a valid excuse for displaying a total lack of the most important interpersonal trait of all, but unfortunately that IS the pathology of a lot of them…


It is, however, completely level-headed behavior to get all worked up about what is clearly a Bad Advice Cat meme without the cat while assuming that it’s an earnest suggestion.


Yeah, you’re replying to a two days old comment because you’re not worked up at all. I’m definitely the one with trouble moving along 😄

Also, as I already pointed out to you, this isn’t a post suggesting that you should be a dick to people. It’s a post about how that specific thing is a BAD idea to the point of hilarity.


I thought the politics here was progressive

There’s a BIG difference between progressives and liberal billionaires, though.

Besides, the two times the US elected entertainers as president, it ended in unmitigated disaster.


First of all, there’s no such thing as a progressive billionaire. It’s literally impossible to live up to progressive ideals while hoarding that much needless wealth for yourself.

Second, most of that “solid political track record” is just raking in money and clever pr creating a cult of personality. As Reagan and Trump have demonstrated, those are not qualities that help regular people.

I’ll concede that she’s been good on civil rights, especially LGBTQ+ rights and abortion rights.

She has, however, no political experience and has to my knowledge never said anything against the pernicious influence of money on politics or economics at all, which IMO disqualifies her, especially when, being a billionaire, she’s a symptom of failed fiscal policy herself.


I’m not really on board with all this indiscriminate killing

VERY controversial opinion! It’s a good thing this is a safe space where saying such things won’t cost you your livelihood!


With all due respect, which is none, fuck off with that false dichotomy.

They didn’t say that they weren’t going to vote, they said that they were worried that Biden will lose because he’s doing things that people hate and refusing to do things that people need.

It’s the job of a politician to earn votes. It’s not the job of voters to meekly fall in line as long as the other candidate is worse.

Yours is the kind of condescending ideological cowardice that got us to this awful point in the first place.


That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people for almost two decades: the UN isn’t inherently ineffective, but the Big 5 makes it so by vetoing almost every important resolution.

If we take away that veto and grant the UN real enforcement power, it could make the world a much better place for the vast majority of humanity.

The 5 and the billionaires whose interests align with them would never permit such justice, though 😮‍💨


Not according to sane people, no. According to unhinged mecha-zionists on the other hand…

Ironically, equating the actions of the Israeli government with all of Jewdom is itself EXTREMELY antisemitic.


Hey now, far from all Israelis agree with the actions of their government… they got 49.5% of the vote with 70% voter participation. That’s 34.3% of the eligible to vote Israelis and an even smaller portion of the total population.

Granted, it’s still FAR too many votes for a fascist apartheid regime, but my point is that far from all Israelis are the unhinged zionists we’re discussing…


I’m sure you’re not actually a moron, though. You just play one on Lemmy 😛


Seems a bit low. Probably just the last day of construction.


That reminds me: have you guys heard about Jinjer? They’re absolutely amazing!

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

Because the deal was ridiculous.

Israel is offering a temporary pause in exchange for all of the hostages while Netanyahu is saying that the invasion and resulting massacre in Rafah is still going to happen no matter what.

I don’t in any way condone the many atrocities of Hamas, but they’d be absolute idiots to give up their only leverage for basically nothing.

That the NYT is framing the refusal of an absolutely preposterous deal as a sign of Hamas wanting to continue the violence (which they absolutely do) while the Israeli government is making good faith attempts at peace (which it absolutely is NOT) is hardly surprising, though, given their general anti-palestinian bias.

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

What’s gross is acceptance of the idea that Hamas has 'leverage" because they took hostages

You don’t have to like reality to understand it. The taking of innocent civilians as hostage is one of the many atrocities of Hamas that I unequivocally condemn. That doesn’t change the reality that those poor people ARE leverage in the negotiations, just like innocently imprisoned and tortured Palestinians are for the Israeli government.

I take issue with the idea that taking hostages gives you leverage on anything, in any permanent sense.

Again, acknowledging isn’t endorsing.

If Israel’s actions confirm anything (other than that they are just as capable of visiting the same atrocities on others as any humans are) it’s that

It’s what, exactly? That hostages aren’t used as leverage in ceasefire talks? Because Israel has leveraged innocently imprisoned Palestinians in every single ceasefire negotiation since the first one.

Show me what their actions have “levered” and I will show you a ruined land with a fast increasing body count. Way to apply yourselves champs.

Again completely missing the point in your quest to paint me and others as superfans of kidnapping as a political tactic.

It makes you a target. Period.

Being a Palestinian in Gaza (and to a lesser but still atrocious degree the West Bank) makes you a target. Period. No atrocities committed by Hamas necessary. Those are pretenses for what the fascist Netanyahu government already wanted to do, not the actual reasons.

One deserving of retribution

Now who’s being fucking gross? To say, knowing full well what Israeli government “retribution” looks like, that anyone could possibly deserve it is callously vengeful to the point of abhorrent bloodthirst.

You don’t ever, ever get to walk away from that

Don’t worry, at the very least double as many innocent Palestinian civilians as Hamas terrorists won’t.

you don’t get to claim you have leverage

Again with this complete ignorance of how ceasefire negotiations work, especially in THIS particular 75 year long conflict.

QE motherfucking D.

You have demonstrated nothing except your own ignorance and cocksure belief in the infallibility of your poor understanding.


I’m replaying Baldurs Gate 3 again. Now with even more mods, bringing my total of “nope, can’t possibly play without that one” into triple digits 😄


Not mods per se, but there’s walk-through guides living up to their name by walking you through every step of every puzzle. As someone who loves CRPGs but is absolutely awful at puzzles, they’ve saved me countless hours in BG3 alone, let alone game’s in general.

An example search string would be “Baldurs Gate defiled temple puzzle”

As for the barrels, I can’t find one about those specially, but the Fair Fire mod removes unavoidable fire damage fromsurfaces, so that might be of interest 🙂


So the stock exchange and the homes of rich people?

Contrary to popular myth, the people who can afford the most drugs use the most drugs. Wild, huh?


Yeah, both you and Ehrman are taking a LOT on faith (yes, that was intended) that really isn’t borne out by any reliable sources, critically no contemporate ones.

If there really HAD been a man like that, don’t you think that just a few people would bother to notice and tell others about him?

All the supposed “evidence” is a bunch of cobbled together rumors that REEK of confirmation bias to a degree that it can’t possibly be taken as proof.


Give it to us raw and wriggling. You keep nasty chips!*

*The statements of Gollum do not reflect the opinions of Viking_Hippie who, if anything, likes chips far too much.


Bon appetit!


Thank you! 🤣

I hadn’t seen that one before and Mitchell and Webb sketches are one of my favorite things in the world 🥰

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