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I like to watch Mr White cook show. He cooks white crystals.


If a fish die of plastic, you probably eat plastic while eating fish

StarCraft could return, according to Blizzard president, but not necessarily as an RTS (www.pcgamer.com)

While Blizzard is very much focussed on its big money-makers like its various Warcraft games, from WoW to Hearthstone to Warcraft Rumble, as well as Diablo and the much-maligned Overwatch 2, he’s still open to StarCraft making a comeback. That said, RTS fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. While the series might return, that...


Do we have StarCraft on mobile. Maybe StarCraft Immortal something?


Do you guys not have credit card(s) ?


Some credit card issuer will temp lock your card while you are whaling because it look sus.

Whaling need multiple card so you can whale uninterrupt.

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