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Westwood I had fun with Red Alert 1 & 2 for a long time. Super casual player though.


Another reminder to avoid Google products.

They don’t care and they don’t have any customer service.


It is very important for us to “NOT” support any films, shows, games, and whatever form of art and entertainment that tries to use AI to replace human creators.

Greed is going to tear apart every part of society unless we stop it.


No one is talking about translation and subtitles.

I am very aware of machine translation, probably more than most people in here. In fact, machine translation started much earlier than this AI craze…like they started massively using machine translation for a decade already. That’s why some of the Netflix translation to foreign language is so shit.

The thing is no one is outraged about machine translation because it is not a primary creative process. This is very different from acting, voice acting, illustration, creative writing, etc. that people care about.


Agreed. Butterbee’s explanation in this thread is much better than my word.


You might have misunderstood. I absolutely understand good translation is art.

I am also disappointed that they are being replaced by machine. There are so many times when I would walk into a movie and notice the subtitle is shit, and then spent the whole time thinking how I would translate that part instead of watching the movie.

The above is just me stating why many people forgot about translators.

Narration is also an art. A good narrator can make the script much more engaging than say…someone just reading from the script. I have seen the difference first hand and it is substantial.


Why do you say this is blind ranting? I have listed reasons that I think the situation is unacceptable. My arguments are all against the talking points, not the poster. You are being very rude and making the discussion toxic.

Responding to your enjoyment point:

AI will replace human creators not exactly because it’s better, but because it’s cheaper and more scalable, which means they will be adopted in this neoliberal society.

We are already seeing this in mobile games in China where developers use AI generated art.

Is this the future you want?


I am disengaging. This is not helpful.

I have commented many times in favour of labour rights over capital and I have clearly explained why I said what I said above. Check my comment history if you don’t believe it. Stop misinterpreting my intention.

Google Books downloader?

I used to be able to download the available pages from books on Google Books with pysheng(3) and/or getxbook, but neither of them seem to work any more. On Firefox I can go into “More Information>Media Info” and download page images one by one, but this is slow and cumbersome. Any recommendations for a replacement?


uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading:…

🤔 🤔 🤔


The “selling out” was done under Altman though, no?


MS are the ones trying to reinstate Altman after all.


I got you. Nowadays I would look at the UI of a game first before jumping in. If it looks too complicated I just pass. My job is already complicated enough, I don’t need to make myself more stressed when I just want to have fun.


Yes, when I learnt about Altman’s eye-ball scanning project I realized this guy cannot be trusted.


Well the idea to ask for him to return came from MS and not from the board themselves. At least that plan failed according to media report.


LLM’s ability to replace jobs is honestly more terrifying than so called AGI.

At least with AGI, if they really can think like human, is that they may actually think about the implications of their actions…


You do realize that a lot of people are already being displaced by AI right? These are not “unskilled” jobs either. For e.g. the illustrators who used to get jobs probably spent thousands of hours to get to that level

AI is already taking video game illustrators’ jobs in China…/ai-image-china-video-game-layof…

CNET used AI to write articles. It was a journalistic disaster. - The Washington Post…/cnet-ai-articles-journalism-…

jlou, to technology

Libertarianism is one of the worst ideology I have ever seen.

It claims to be for freedom but whenever someone tries to implement it, it turns to be extremely oppressive.

"Oxygen Not Included" on sale on Steam this weekend (

Oxygen Not Included is on sale this weekend. If (like me) you happen to have wanted to play it for a long time, but were worried you lack the patience/stamina and give up after a couple of hours, the price is now at a level where buyer’s regret is rather unlikely.


Seriously why is Bluesky not open for everyone? Do they have issues with scaling?


This is what happens when they automate everything. Its basically impossible to find someone in Google to talk to even if you spot an issue with their products.


Completely agreed. If anything this kind of accusation pushes people to the right as they got defensive.

Every significant organisation, government, big company probably had done something terrible at some point. The world is not black and white. Internet activism is “not helpful”.

If people want to help the refugees, donate to organisations helping them. Or even better, volunteer to help them. Stop doing “purity tests” in the online world.


The first few paragraphs of the blog post explained the problem pretty well - lack of access to professional mental health care.

The other parts of the article…especially bringing in techno optimism, feels unnecessary.

Do we see young people using tiktok to self diagonise other kinds of medical issues? At least not at the scale of mental health. And that is likely because they have much better access to professional help.

As society, we really really need to put more resources into mental health. It was an overlooked issue for centuries.


More spam messages then, ok…


A few possible answers:

  1. Signal is not big enough for spammers to spend resources on
  2. People who bothered to use Signal are likely to be more privacy minded and therefore less likely to fall for scam

I hope it works out for them because the current Kotaku is just depressing


Ah…the good old wikipedia drama. I remember some said wikipedia is playing an MMO, and I completely agree.

I used to do translations for pages until I realize there is so much drama going on.


Oh I agree with you.

I will give some more info on what I saw at wikipedia, which arguable is common knowledge.

After I translated pages, I noticed people coming in to make small edits. I don’t mind those, but is baffled that people seem to be making meaningless changes all the time. Not to mention I am pretty sure I am more knowledgeable on said subjects than those “editors”.

I later realized that the number of edits and the number of edited pages count towards some arbitrary numbers which people can use to claim and move up the ladder of admin rights. It all made sense on why there are so many minimal edits performed by individuals. They are looking for low hanging fruit.

It soured my feelings toward wikipedia. I thought of it as a good volunteer project. Turns out some people play it as a numbers game. And they have enormous influence on the site.

Those people than use their power to suppress whatever they don’t like to see on wikipedia, similar to what OP posted.

By the way, to understand how absurd wikipedia’s system is, please take a look at the following news:

Why Emily St John Mandel asked for help getting divorced on Wikipedia


That was more than 10 years ago. Maybe the changes are indeed meaningful and maybe I was too young at that time. And I honestly don’t mind people making changes.

What made me quit was accidentally reading about wikipedia dramas and realized I was participating in a giant MMO in text. It was not a good feeling.

I do volunteer work to feel good. (Yes, really.) I still sometimes do volunteer work. Just not on wiki.


This is a very convincing argument.

I guess this shows the difference between projects run by hired staff and a volunteer project who had to guard against bad actors.

Since I have only worked on one side it is easy to miss out on the reason those safeguards exist.

And btw I am publishing as primary source as well ! Maybe that is more suitable for me!


No, because:

  1. Content creators want to monetize their videos, even if it is shit monetization.
  2. Users and content creators want discoverability.

That would be like saying Patreon is monetizing video.

No. I mean ad-supported income that automatically comes with YouTube. Not to mention members subscription and Superchats which are also built in functions and represent significant part of content creators’ income.


Thank you for taking the hit so we dont have to


Please destroy these unethical app! They can be used for so many bad applications: scams, misinformation, identity theft…




free credit report?

I never thought about getting one nor the people I know… What are they used for?


Thanks for the answer. Guess thats a US thing then.


It must be noted that this evaluation is only an internal estimate approved by the bigot.

The true value is very likely to be even lower.


In the article quoted by Ars (…)

I truly don’t think it was done maliciously,” our Unity insider said. “Ultimately Unity has lost a lot of money over the last 18 years – billions of dollars – and they need to do something to make more money. Sadly, it wasn’t delivered well, but the need to make more money is still there.”

Using anti-competitive tatic to try to eliminate a competitor is literally malicious.


There are plenty of information and even research onto the deliberately addictive design of Facebook.


There are more and better articles out there that I have read but this is one that I can find right now.

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