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The Inside Story Of Fable 3, The Game That Broke Its Creators' Hearts (

This is a fascinating deep dive into the development of the game, with many people involved giving interviews. Instead of being in a long development hell, Lionhead knocked out the game in a stunning 18 months - which made Microsoft happy, but resulted in the cutting of a ton of content.

Does anyone play Lost Ark casually? Want to play together?

Hi. I’m poking around the internet and wondering if there are any relaxed guilds or individuals that would want to play together? I’m a bit of a noob but really enjoy the gameplay. I just haven’t been able to find a reasonable and relaxed group of humans to approach raids with yet. (I’ve never even stepped foot into a...

D&D Item Card Template v1.1- A Simple, Effective LaTeX Template for Generating Item Cards (

Hey there everyone, I am back with v1.1 of my Latex Template for making D&D Item Cards. I received one major point of feedback from multiple people in the fediverse: make an option for fixing the card dimensions for easier printing and distribution/storage at the table. So that is exactly what I did!...

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