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Fire & Forget II [MS DOS] Some Music on Adlib

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Strider [MS DOS] Some Music on IBM PC Speaker

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Eye of Horus [MS DOS] Some Music on IBM PC Speaker

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@gaming Playing Video games can adjust my mood so much that I might forget my sorrows.


Good games give me the same feeling as reading a good fictional novel: I get transported into the universe, following the character or whatever action is unfolding.

More generally, games give the player a goal to achieve, whether that’s winning over others, cooperating with others, completing a campaign, collecting a bunch of goodies (or all the goodies), relaxing and enjoying scenery, crafting min-maxed playthroughs, or trying over and over again to beat a level.

Being focused on this goal can help keep your mind off of whatever is troubling you in the present.

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Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Death [MS DOS] Title Screen on IBM PC Speaker

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It’s what happens when we have libertarianism without socialism. One without the other is bad news.


Libertarianism is one of the worst ideology I have ever seen.

It claims to be for freedom but whenever someone tries to implement it, it turns to be extremely oppressive.

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A helpful chart with gear ability preferences for different brands!


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【Any PS3/Xbox 360 games that sound great with surround sound?】
I just setting up home theatre in my room and both the PS3 and Xbox 360 has been in my room and I hadn't fully played on them for years.

I know about any games would do but is there like a certain one that just stands out?



Battlefield used to be praised for it’s surround sound, if I remember correctly. So you could probably try anything from Bad Company and later.


Yeah I don’t really like the series but the sound of a rocket launcher whizzing by your head was incredible. According to Google the multi-player is still hanging on too.

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I hope no one has poisoned their food...


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@lwuy9v5 Yes it is KCD. I'm doing a hardcore, all negative percs, no kill run, so i basically have to use ways to kill without it adding to the kills stat.

only runt is impossible to avoid


kcd is my favorite! good to see it’s still appreciated

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Oil's Well [MS DOS] Some Music on Creative Music System/Game Blaster

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Legend of Zelda game art , old but gold @gaming


Melancholic Hinox lost in thoughts is now my favourite Hinox.

(Though modern goofy piglike Hinoxes are cool too, I guess)


original i think…/A-New-Link-to-the-Past-551041132

at least explains why three inches seem to be cut off the bottom

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The Godfather [MS DOS] Intro on IBM PC Speaker

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The Godfather [MS DOS] Intro on Roland MT-32

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Space Vegetables [MS DOS] Some Music on IBM PC Speaker

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Neat crypto project just launched

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