CaptDust, (edited )

I’m not thrilled seeing so many “no-portal” surfaces in this trailer. Part of what made the original so fun was that you could solve the chambers in novel and unexpected ways, then two took some of that freedom away to have gels make sense. Now we’re at a mod that seems to enforce an incredibly linear path to how puzzles can be solved. Disappointing.


Two top level comments and both are deeply stupid, well done!

Anyway, this looks awesome!


Yours is not at the top, so no longer true

Fizz, avatar

Wow that looks amazing. I tried portal reloaded which is another fan made mode and it was great. Probably better than the original 2 games.


Has anyone tried it? Is it worth downloading?

whereBeWaldo, (edited )

Not out yet, comes out in 1.5 months.


Really hating these no context video drops.

A quick Google search.

Portal: Revolution is a fan-made mod for Portal 2 which plays before the events of Portal 2 in the dead and decaying Aperture facility. MECHANICS.

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