Me at age six, at Star Trek: The Experience (

Here is me at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hilton. This was 1997 (spring or summer). I got to go on The Klingon Encounter (which may have been the only ride-type attraction at the time). The line to enter was lined with status of Borg (First Contact had just come out the previous November)....

Got a “All Good Things…” tattoo for my birthday. (

My birthday was last week (May 17). Decided to get my first tattoo, which I wanted to be Trek related. As a kid my family had a VHS tape with a recording of “All Good Things…” (and for unknown reasons, “Caretaker”). So I have seen the episode a dozen times. It is my favorite episode of the franchise. The image I’m...

Dr. Pulaski Appreciation Post (

I don’t know whether it’s a popular opinion or not, but I think Dr. Pulaski was a great character and I found her much more interesting than Dr. Crusher. I don’t know if it was down to the writing or the performance but Pulaski is one of the best parts of season 2 and I would have been happy to see her character continue....

Star Trek: Day of Blood - Shaxs' Best Day nominated for 2024 Eisner Award (

The 2024 Eisner awards for the comics industry announced the nominees a couple days ago, and the Day of Blood tie-in issue, Shaxs’ Best Day by Ryan North and Derek Charm is among the nominees for Best Single Issue/One-shot....

Giveaway! Win your Steam Copy of the 'Captain’s Edition' of Star Trek: Resurgence! (

Edit: We have 10 winners!! Congrats to

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