Thoughts on Space Games, Part 1: Top-5 AAA Games

Hey everyone, I’m a big player of Space Games of all forms, and this mini-genre (or ‘theme’, if you prefer) really has a TON of range and depth, and is a very fertile ground for indie and unique projects. I was recently playing a game called Avorion, after owning it for years without ever really engaging with it, and...

Nostr continues to raise the bar on private, uncensorable online discourse

Note: “relay” is the nostr term while “instance” is the AP/Mastodon/Lemmy term. They are functionally very similar and offer the same abilities to ban annoying users from “public square” type spaces. Moderation works identically....

Question about JACK audio interface.

Hi everyone, I got my e-drum kit to successfully work in reaper, using yabridge for the VSTs. Shortly after, I found another way in which linux audio is different than windows. While using reaper, I am unable to play audio from any other source. Through research, I discovered that it’s because I’m using ALSA and that I need...

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