Warcraft 2 / Starcraft type games ( or clones, or engine recreations )

Im missing a lot of charm that w2 and first starcraft games had, and i did not see any open engine recreations, nor clones that lived to this day. With warcraft 3 i only ever finished half of the game, by the time sc2 came out, i was already too old to even bother trying.

Safe to buy used gpu with one video out port broken?

As per title. It has 2 DP ports and one hdmi. One DP out is broken. I know I won’t ever need al 3 ports so it’s not an issue for me. Only thing is, I have no idea what the cause of the issue could be and if it could “spread” in the future to all ports and render the gpu unusable. Maybe if someone has had experience with...

Anyone else having characters not moving their lips during dialog?

Basically title. I decided to start a new honor mode run after the update the other day (haven’t played in a few months) and getting a bug in which character’s face animations don’t work during dialog. Lips don’t move, expressions don’t change. A little googling didn’t turn up any similar reported bugs except for a...

Sega "Gold Cartridge" in Master System

Hi, I’m looking for info on the compatibility of the “Gold Cartridge” with regards to the Master System. I was looking at one of these and it says on the box that it’s made for the Mark III and Master System. However, the form factor is different than other Master System cartridges, and it’s also nothing like a Sega...

Does anyone play Lost Ark casually? Want to play together?

Hi. I’m poking around the internet and wondering if there are any relaxed guilds or individuals that would want to play together? I’m a bit of a noob but really enjoy the gameplay. I just haven’t been able to find a reasonable and relaxed group of humans to approach raids with yet. (I’ve never even stepped foot into a...

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