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Lol at YouTube comment

well we definitely know it has a map Also not very hopeful cosidering EAs involvement.

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Bioware really loves giving zero information for years and the pretending their trailers are of any value at all.

Mass Effect hasn’t had content since 2017 and we have like two minutes worth of “show nothing, hit nostalgia button” trailers since then. DA looks to be in a similar spot.

Is it an EA problem? A Bioware problem? Who knows lol just can’t wait to finally see the franchise I love most shit the bed on launch. Again.


So this is a teaser for a teaser in 6 months time?


Well, that was vague and didn't tell me anything. At least we know the game is eventually coming out, I guess?


Awesome, I can’t wait for bioware to disappoint me again!

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All it took was 5 years of development to get a teaser.

Bioware has constant layoffs and budget cuts then daddy EA wonders why they have trouble shipping games


The layoffs and budget cuts are symptoms, not cause. They’ve been terribly mismanaged for years – on the studio side, not EA – pissing away resources doing essentially nothing.

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Could be either. No matter what it’s mismanaged, somewhere it’s to blame there. Could be EA, could be Bioware.

All I know is they could be alternating Mass Effect and Dragon Age every couple of years and just be pumping out profit - if they were managed well and had good investment. The fact that they’re not just seems to me like EA/Bioware are just leaving money on the table


This game’s development is going real fast!

In comparison to the elder scrolls vi, lol


For me, if I already know the game exists, a teaser is absolutely pointless.


Guess this trailer was for me then, because I didn’t know! This looks dope.


It will be full of microtransactions and pay to win and be full of boring filler and collectibles and that will ruin it like that last one they did with the flight suits.

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