Pardon me, do you have the rule? (lemmy.blahaj.zone)

A comic strip titled “WONDERMARK by David Malki!” featuring five panels. In the first panel, a dodo bird asks a seated man, “Pardon me, do you have the time?” The man responds, “Yes, it’s—”. In the second panel, the dodo exclaims, “You have the time!” The third panel shows multiple dodos excitedly saying,...

I didn't know where else to ask rule (lemmy.blahaj.zone)

How do you shave your balls? Every time I’ve tried with my trimmer it pinches and tears my sack and I’m too traumatized to try it again unless there’s a full proof bloodless method. Usually I just pluck as many as I can tolerate while I’m sitting around watching YouTube or somethin. But it’s such a pain (literally)....

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