Pardon me, do you have the rule? (

A comic strip titled “WONDERMARK by David Malki!” featuring five panels. In the first panel, a dodo bird asks a seated man, “Pardon me, do you have the time?” The man responds, “Yes, it’s—”. In the second panel, the dodo exclaims, “You have the time!” The third panel shows multiple dodos excitedly saying,...

B.C. coal mining company fined for more than 400 violations (

A B.C. coal mining company in northeastern B.C. has been fined more than $45,000 for repeated violations of the province’s environmental protection rules, including the failure to monitor mine waste into fish-bearing water and failure to limit particulate being put into the air....

Thoughts on Space Games, Part 1: Top-5 AAA Games

Hey everyone, I’m a big player of Space Games of all forms, and this mini-genre (or ‘theme’, if you prefer) really has a TON of range and depth, and is a very fertile ground for indie and unique projects. I was recently playing a game called Avorion, after owning it for years without ever really engaging with it, and...

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