New build - Eternal Keypad (lemmy.world)

A few weeks ago I asked for right hand game-pad (for left handed mouse users) ideas. Thanks to @hazel for recommending the Eternal Keypad. The price was right so I built one up. Only a few hours of use so far, but I like the form factor a lot. Running Gateron blacks. I know my caps aren’t the correct size. I’m working on...

Here's what a random person on the internet thought of Lords Of The Realm 2 (lemmy.world)

Lords Of The Realm 2 is my gaming equivalent of comfort food. It might not have awards or hype buzzing around it, but it is always the perfect choice for a rainy day when I’m feeling restless. I’ve played and replayed it many times. Currently I own it on Steam....

Here's what a random person on the internet thought of Frontlines: Fuel Of War (lemmy.world)

Frontlines: Fuel Of War is a 2008 game that combines the premise of Battlefield gameplay with the then futuristic aesthetic games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. I played through its entire campaign, on normal difficulty to see if it was worth revisiting....

GMK MTNU Susu on Space65 (lemmy.world)

Received my Susu set and have to say I’m enamored with it, there’s just something about the satin feel and the way it cups your fingertips is just so right - I have a tendency to lightly feather the home row in between typing/composing text and best I can put it: gentle gliding vs. skidding compared to GMK/DMK CYL. Photos...

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