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Safe to buy used gpu with one video out port broken?

As per title. It has 2 DP ports and one hdmi. One DP out is broken. I know I won’t ever need al 3 ports so it’s not an issue for me. Only thing is, I have no idea what the cause of the issue could be and if it could “spread” in the future to all ports and render the gpu unusable. Maybe if someone has had experience with...

Used laptop for gamer kid: suggestions?

Got a young guy that needs a reasonable used laptop, in the $2-300 range. Looking for smooth but not spectacular graphics, and a 15" screen or better. Preferably with 2 drive slots so he can have an NVME or other SSD for the OS and a large rust drive for installing games. It’s going to be plugged in when used, and weight...

Trying to pass audio from one pc to another causing constant static

I am trying to pass audio from a laptop to a desktop via a headphone jack from the laptop to a line in on the desktop but it provides constant static. I have tried two different aux cords (new). I currently think I might need an USB to Audio Jack Sound Card Adapter but don’t want to buy this too and have to return both if it...

AM5 cooler that 1. Is offset away from PCIe like the nh-d15s 2. the contact point is offset downwards like with the nm-amb15 mounting kit?

It turns out I can do fuckall with my nh-d15 on my new setup. GPU wont fit full stop. Im very skeptical with trying to purchase nh-d15s this time around, as Im pretty sure I wont be able to use the offset mounting kit for it without running into the same issues that need that cooler to begin with....

Build a PC or Buy a Mini PC on Amazon (

I’ve recently started to get into playing more games on my laptop. Currently the laptop I use is limited in terms of specs and really only designed to do basic tasks on, but light gaming is still pretty good. I’m able to play Fallout New Vegas and a few other small games work well too. Lately though I have been getting into...

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