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Surprisingly, no one reported this as being off-topic. Memes do not belong here. Locked and removed.


It’s all well and good until a cybertruck hits you in a crash. No crumple zones on that thing so your car is the only crumpling defense.

Safer for the cybertruck driver due to the sheer mass of the vehicle, but expect your own car (and you potentially) to be destroyed.


Surprised this crap has this many upvotes. Guess it’s a sign that Lemmy is growing…

…but it sure would be nice not to have to see shitpost memes upvoted to the top of non-meme communities.

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This post is more suitable for a shitpost community rather than a technology one.

Also, I suspect that people with a fixation to tesla/elmo have some secret love & hate issue.

If you hate the brand, stop making free ads for it.


I don’t think the novelty of steer by wire will wear off until there’s alternatives on the market. It’s at least got that going for it if nothing else imo.


You mean that thing Toyota started doing years ago?


They’ve implemented a prototype, but it hasn’t been brought to market yet, so we’re probably not talking about the same thing if I had to guess. I’d recommend looking into the cybertruck implementation of it if you’re curious, I do think it’s ahead of its time and will remain novel for a while. Also engineering explained did video on the Lexus prototype. It suffered some pretty severe input delay, I have my curiosity if the Cybertruck implementation has the same issues but I’ve not seen anyone mention them yet.


I assume that most of the few of these that actually get made, will end up being parked on rich people's lawns as some sort of weird post-modern art meme sculpture or whatever.

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I hate all these modern big and colorful trainers, but they sell well. Horses for courses. If you like something, get it and enjoy it. Life’s too short to live it for the opinion of strangers.

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You’ve been musked


LPT: Don’t buy anything to chase after happiness or good feelings.


Except drugs, of course.


Don’t do that either.

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Pack it in folks, no more casual drinking or weed smoking to enhance your one night out a week.


You’re looking out for OP. What a nice guy


Drugs are bad, m’kay?


Drugs are literally the thing that you can buy and make you happy.


To quote Taco's Masterpiece Puttin' on the Ritz:

Spending every dime for a wonderful time

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Teens usually laugh at me because of my clothes. And music. And face. I don’t need them laughing at my “truck” too!


I imagine the majority of people that buy these are the kind to buy a new car every five years anyway.

I am really interested to see how much maintenance costs are at the five year period and beyond though.


Can’t imagine there’s too many maintenance costs besides brakes and suspension and suspension is more like a 8-10 year cost. And brakes are relatively cheap.

No oil changes, no transmission fluid changes, no fluids in the car except for hydraulic fluid for the brakes, and windshield wiper fluid.

Edit: I am curious to see how durable that cover for the tailgate is though.


Not a lot of brake maintenance on a car that barely uses the brake because of regenerative braking. I’ve changed the tires more than the brake pads on my Tesla.

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It looks like a PS1 era game. It looks like Cloud Strife's model.


If you are an adult hurt by a car full of teens laughing at you, you are truly a fragile person.

bermuda, (edited )

it sucks when people are mean to you though? I’ve had cars full of teens laughing at me for being overweight and I honestly cried afterwards. I don’t think it makes me fragile for that. I feel like we should normalize being hurt by these kinda things and growing for it, rather than just further insulting.

it feels like you just used that as a chance to shit on people you don’t like. I don’t like the wealthy either, but that doesn’t give me a free pass to act like a douchebag.

edit: I am NOT saying that anybody who buys this garbage human’s products has a free pass either. But what YOU WROTE is an absurd hyper generalization. There’s really no way for anybody to know whether you mean this specific car or whether you saw it and CHOSE to extrapolate into something else you hate. So, if you wanted to come across as less like a douchebag then maybe either be more specific or don’t be a garbage person.


Sorry that may sound mean, but for me that’s the definition of beeing fragile. I don’t want to use that as a slur, but if you need to cry after people where assholes, than you are indeed fragile.


What about after the 10th time it happens?

Or the hundredth time?


Being laughed at for how your body is is one thing, being laughed at for buying a fascist’s ChildishCompensationMobile is another. It’s a choice to buy Jeff Bezos’ $100,000 Dick Mobile and drive it around like you’re cool, it’s another to… try and exist? As best you can? Corporeally?

Like no I don’t need to worry about the feelings of anyone who gives Trump money and allegiance. They made bad choices that materially affect me (how many Twitters can these guys buy up and turn into a KKK Safe Place with this money?) and I can tell them they suck for it. Completely not the same as giving redheads swirlies.

Like, for context I also give distainful looks at poor drivers in BMWs and Benzes: obviously money didn’t give them sense. So yes I’ll laugh at anyone giving Musk money after knowing his true colors.


See, my issue (not the person you’re talking to but the person who sparked this conversation) was with the original commenters generalization.

I get you. I really do. But when you get rid of all the fluff and just say “people laugh at you, you’re hurt, you’re fragile,” it has implications that go way beyond Elon Musk. That’s the issue. If they had bothered to specify the stuff you did then maybe I wouldn’t be upset by it, but they deliberately chose not to. Just like the people you don’t like deliberately chose to buy that car.


I think I can see their point. As they said, fragile isn’t meant as a slur here. If after the tenth time it happens, this kind of thing breaks you, then you’re fragile because the nine times before that made you fragile. Which obviously isn’t your fault but the fault of the people who were assholes to you.


Then they can just say that.


Sorry that may sound mean, but for me that’s the definition of beeing fragile.

Apologizing before you say something doesn’t suddenly negate the mean-ness of it. You’re still an asshole.


Hey man, I’m sorry you’ve have to go through this. I’m not really a fan of “words of affirmation” that people spout out at the end of their YouTube videos, but I just wanna say, I agree that having to endure that is an objectively shitty situation, those kids are definitely assholes, and I believe you are capable of laughing back at their awkward pimply faces 😁.

The phrasing of “normalize being hurt by these kinda things” maybe doesn’t sound how you meant it lol. I agree that we’ll never live in a world free of assholes, but rather than say “suck it up and deal” we should be proponents for each other, to help each other “grow”. Calling someone fragile isn’t helpful to them.

This topic reminds me of Brandolini’s Law (aka the bullshit asymmetry principle) which says that it’s at least an order of magnitude easier to make up false claims than it is to disprove them. I feel like this extends to human emotions as well: it’s at least an order of magnitude easier to be an asshole and tear someone down emotionally than it is for that person to recover from it. Idk if it that’s useful to point out, but hopefully it makes it easier to recover from a shitty comment knowing that the person who made it probably didn’t put half a brain cell into generating it.


Well, the thing is that they are right, and that’s what hurts.



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Better check those panel edges, son!

There might be g a p s


I don’t feel badly for anyone experiencing this.


Not to mention they’re stopped fully in front of the stop line.

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